First Steps

Creating your own mobs and/or even bosses with MythicMobs is easy. Here's what you need to know:

  • How to configure YAML-files
  • Where your files go
  • The options MythicMobs has


YAML-format is commonly used for information to be stored as configuration files. They're easy to read and are loaded fast by the programs that use them. Most popular Minecraft plugins make use of YAML-files for their configuration files and so does MythicMobs.

If you want to go into detail about learning what YAML is, visit the YAML wikipedia entry.

Extensive knowledge however is not needed for the purposes of creating custom mobs using MythicMobs.

There is but one thing you have to renemeber about making YAML configurations: don't use tabs.

For editing your YAML files, i recommend using the free software Notepad++.

Where your files go

After loading MythicMobs onto your server it will create it's own folder in the /plugins/ directory, as most other common Minecraft plugins will do. In there, you will find even more folders each dedicated to what they're named after.


It is imperative that you always put your configuration-files into the correct folders.

Misplaced configuration files will be read as something else by the plugin. For example if you were to accidentally place a mob-config into the /MythicMobs/Skills folder, the plugin would attempt to read the mob you created as a skill. Naturally, that will result in error logs and error messages displayed in the server's console.

Shorthand: place your files in the correct folders or your creations will not function.


The example configurations that come with the plugin cannot be deleted from their folders. Attempting to do so will cause the plugin to regenerate the files you deleted on it's next reload. If you do not wish to utilize the content in those files, you may simply delete it's content.

MythicMobs' options

There are truly a lot of options and possibilities with MythicMobs, but you shouldn't go there just yet. The more options you have, the easier it will be to make mistakes and ultimately to get confused and/or overwhelmed. Speaking of which, here's a few things i suggest you do to make your experience easier and most comfortable:

Get a locally hosted server

Get yourself a spigot server on your own computer. It's the fastest possible way to create things and to test them. Just install the server and generate a flat world. Then load up MythicMobs and other plugins you need and happy testing. Here are the advantages:

  • You can simply tab-switch between Minecraft and Notepad++
  • Safe test environment
  • Crashes won't disturb anyone
  • It's the fastest way to get things done

If you have an old computer and you're worried about performance issues: don't worry. Spigot servers are quite leightweight and if your computer is capeable of running vanilla minecraft singleplayer it will also be capeable of running a spigot server and the minecraft client alongside. 1)

Have the correct version

Having problems with xyz? Before anything else, make sure you're set up with a MythicMobs version that is compatible with the server you're running. Compability lists can be found in the same places you can download the plugin.


Tutorial is a work in progess. Hang on! (come back later) -jaylawl

Trust me on this im using a super old dual core and it works like a charm

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