Variables (v4.6+)

Variables are a new system for storing information added in v4.6. Using the variables system, you can store and manipulate values that you can use in placeholders or conditions later. These values can be either permanent or temporary.

Variable Types

Variables can be one of several types, which is defined when the variable is initialized using the setVariable mechanic. Types are generally interchangeable and MythicMobs will do its best to apply certain variables to whatever situation is asked, however it will throw an error if you try to use a variable type for something that makes no sense.

Current Types:

Type Description
INTEGER A number with no decimal places.
FLOAT A number with decimal places.
STRING A word or sentence.

Variable Scopes

A variable's “scope” is where that variable exists. Not all scopes are applicable for all situations (e.g. a condition may not have a caster, rather the caster is the target of the condition).

Variable Scopes:

Type Where It Goes
SKILL On the current skill tree. Always temporary and will vanish when the current queue of skills ends.
CASTER On the casting mob.
TARGET On the target of the mechanic/condition.
WORLD The current world.
GLOBAL The server.


All variable mechanics and conditions accept var= and scope= attributes to determine what variable you're wanting to work with and where. You can also shorthand the scope using var=scope.variable_name. The following examples would return the same thing:

setvariable{var=target.somevariable; ...}
setvariable{var=somevariable;scope=target; ...}

Variable Mechanics

Variable mechanics are special mechanics that utilize variables. They can target entities, locations, or nothing, but the target can affect the outcome depending on what scope you're using. For example, trying to get a target-scope'd variable will obviously fail if you're not targeting en entity.

Mechanic Description
VariableSet Initializes and sets a variable.
VariableAdd Adds to a numeric variable.
VariableSubtract Subtracts from a numeric variable.
VariableMath Lets you do calculations with numeric variables.

Variable Conditions

Condition Description
Variable Equals Checks if a variable equals a given value.
Variable Is Set Checks if a variable is set.
Variable In Range Checks if a number variable is within a range.

Variable Placeholders

Variables can be referenced in any MythicMobs mechanics or values that allow placeholders. This is usually done using the format <scope.var.[variable]>.

When using placeholder variables, you can also specify a “default” value that will be used if the variable is undefined by using the syntax <scope.var.[variable]|[default]>.

message{m="Hello there, <target.var.title|wanderer>"} @trigger ~onInteract

In this example, the NPC would reply with “Hello there, wanderer” if right-clicked by somebody who had no “title” variable set on them. However, if we did this:

setVariable{var=target.title;value="Sir"} @trigger ~onInteract

…somewhere along the line, even with a different mob, the first mob would say “Hello there, Sir”.