Mechanic: Velocity

Added in version 2.2

Modifies the velocity of the targeted entity(s). May be used on players, too. Useful for all sorts of things like true knockback resistance, force-skills or simulated wind.


Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
mode m The operation to perform. Can be SET, ADD, REMOVE, DIVIDE, or MULTIPLY. SET
velocityx vx, x Velocity on the x-axis. Can be negative. 1
velocityy vy, y Velocity on the y-axis. Can be negative. 1
velocityz vz, z Velocity on the z-axis. Can be negative. 1


This example will stop all momentum of the casting mob upon taking damage. The effect will only last until the mob decides to move again or is moved by other sources.

  Type: Zombie
  - velocity{m=set;x=0;y=0;z=0} @self ~onDamaged

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