Skill Effects

Skill Effects (or effect mechanics) are a special type of mechanic specifically designed to create special effects. These are called just like any other skill mechanic in your mob's Skill List, or you can add them to your own skills and even combine them.

Most effects are able to target both Entities and Locations. You control what your effect targets using a Targeter.


A lot of effects don't have any options. To call them, you just call the skill effect:name

- effect:flames @target
- effect:lightning @self
- effect:ender @PlayersInRadius{r=20}


Effect Mechanic Description
Block Mask Temporarily masks a block as a different block
Ender Causes the “Ender” effect
Ender Beam Creates the enderbeam effects at the target
Explosion Causes an explosion effect
Firework Causes a firework explosion
Flames Causes the Mob Spawner flame effect
Geyser Creates a “geyser” of water or lava
Item Spray Sprays temporary items around the target
Lightning Causes a fake lightning strike
Particles Creates particle effects around the target
Particle Box Draws a box of particles around the target
Particle Line Draws a line of particle effects to the target
Particle Ring Draws a ring of particles around the target
Particle Sphere Draws a sphere of particles around the target
Particle Tornado Draws a persistent “tornado” of particles at the target
Smoke Creates a puff of smoke
Smoke Swirl Creates a persistent “swirl” of smoke
Sound Plays a sound effect from a resource pack
Spin Causes the mob to spin
Look Causes the mob to look at the target

EffectLib Effects

These effects require the plugin “EffectLib” to be installed to use.

Effect Mechanic Description
Atom Creates a representation of an atom around the target
Particle Vortex Draws a “vortex” of particles around the target

Upcoming Effects

Effect Mechanic Description
Particle Wave

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