MythicMobs Premium comes with numerous Premium-only perks, including:

  • Special Premium role in Discord
  • Access to the premium support channel and ticket system
  • Access to the latest version faster
  • Access to development builds
  • Mob health and damage can be scaled using math formulas (Scaling Equations)
  • Math and Placeholders are usable in most skills, drop amounts, and options
  • Math and Placeholders are usable in item attributes
  • Ability to use hit-conditions in any projectile skills
  • Ability to use custom damage types and damage modifiers
  • Ability to use several custom AI goals/targeters that can use conditions

More premium-only features will continue to be added as time goes on.

You can upgrade your account to Premium by clicking here.


For those who wish to donate a little more or who have large servers, our Premium+ package gives you several added benefits:

  • Special Premium+ role in Discord
  • Priority on support tickets
  • License usable on multiple servers you own

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