Random Mob Spawners

Random mob spawners give you complete control over how mobs are supposed to spawn in your worlds. You can fully customize where, how often and how many mobs spawn and make your spawning system precise by utilizing a variety of condition-options.

Important Differences

There are major randomspawn options that are important to distinguish between:

  • Action: REPLACE
    • The replace-action is used to replace mobs that are spawned by minecraft's very own random spawning system with your custom mythic mob creations. This allows for full control over minecraft's spawning system. If Minecraft's random spawners are turned off on your server, examply by setting gamerule doMobSpawning false, this action will not do anything.
  • Action: ADD
    • The add-action will utilize MythicMobs' very own spawning algorithms which will, in a similar fashion to Minecraft's spawning system, generate random spawn points around players. However these spawn points, as opposed to Minecraft's, will be generated without any conditions allowing you to spawn mobs in any light level and at any location. Detailed configurations as to how these spawn points are generated can be made in MythicMobs' configuration file “config.yml”. Please note that for Action: ADD only generates points around survival & adventure mode players and there is only a location present. Means if a condition is used that need an entity it will throw an exception. In case of the biome condition you can still use the Biomes: option!
  • Action: DENY
    • The Deny action can be used to prevent mobs from spawning. Any mob that matches the conditions of a RandomSpawn configured with DENY will not spawn.
  • Action: SCALE
    • upcoming feature


A complete list of all available randomspawn options.

Global Randomspawn Options


  Action: ADD
  Type: cute_zombie
  Level: 2
  Chance: 0.01
  Priority: 10
  UseWorldScaling: false
  Worlds: my_overworld,my_overworld_nether

  • Action: [action]
    • The spawning method to utilize.
    • Defaults to “ADD”
    • Action: ADD
    • Action: REPLACE
  • Type: [mobtypes]
    • Defines the type of mob(s) to be spawned
    • Can be an array / multiple mobtypes
    • Type: SuperZombie
    • Type: SkeletalMage,WitchBoss
    • May also be MobType or MobName
  • Level: [number]
    • The level the specified mob(s) should spawn with.
    • Must be a fixed number, will not parse number ranges
    • May be overriden by world scaling settings (see below for options)
    • Defaults to 1
    • Level: 7
  • Chance: [number]
    • The chance for the mob(s) to spawn.
    • Defaults to 1 1)
    • Chance: 0.025
  • Priority: [number]
    • The priority used to determine which randomspawn to prefer, when multiple mobs are chosen to be spawned at the same spawn point
    • Rule of thumb: higher priority number = higher chance to be selected when multiple mobs are chosen
    • Defaults to 1
    • Priority: 128
  • UseWorldScaling: [true/false]
    • Wether the spawned mob's level should be affected by the world scaling settings
    • Defaults to true
  • Conditions: [list]
    • A list of conditions used to further shape the spawning conditions of the specified mobs
    • The random spawn will fail if any of the given conditions aren't met
    • The full list of available conditions can be found here: Conditions manual page
    • Conditions:
    • - condition 1
    • - condition 2
  • Worlds: [worldnames]
    • The names of worlds in which the randomspawns should be applied.
    • Can be an array / multiple worlds
    • These names correspond to how your minecraft worlds are named in the gamefiles
    • Worlds: world
    • Worlds: world,world_the_end,world_nether
    • Worlds: jays_overworld
  • Biomes: [biomes]
    • The biomes the specified mobtype(s) can spawn inside of.
    • Can be an array / multiple biomes
  • Reason: [reason]
    • The reason of minecraft-randomspawn to be matched
    • Can be an array / multiple reasons
    • If this option exists, the randomspawn will only work if it matches one of the specified reasons
    • Can be anything from this list: CreatureSpawnEvent.SpawnReason
    • Reason: NATURAL
  • PointType: [LAND/SEA]
    • Whether this RandomSpawn should use land or sea points to spawn
    • Only does anything with Action: ADD
    • PointType: LAND

Extra Options in config.yml

These options, located in MythicMobs' “config.yml”-file, are responsible for how Mythic-SpawnPoints are generated on your server. If you're upgrading to MythicMobs 2.3 from a previous version, you must regenerate your config.yml in order to have these options added to it. Use common sense when adjusting these values, as misconfigurations of this section may cause lag on your server.

    GenerateSpawnPoints: true
    MaxMobsPerChunk: 3
    SpawnRadiusPerPlayer: 64
    SpawnRadiusPerPlayerY: 32
    DespawnLazyRandomMobs: true
      Land: 10
      Sea: 5


In-depth tutorial on how to create random spawners: Creating Random Spawners

1 = 100 %, 0.5 = 50 % …

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