Mob Levels


This is a database of all Options available for Mob Levels.

Mob levels are a useful function for adding levels to your mob. Adding levels to your mob can allow for several different things.

You can have their damage and hitpoints scale up as their level increases, you can have them drop more items depending on what their level is.

Or, for more advanced configs you could change their drops completely depending on what level they are, give them different skills depending on their level, or even change where/how they spawn depending on what level they are (using spawners and randomspawns.)

Mob levels can be influenced by world scaling (see below), Random Spawners or the SetLevel mechanic.

This page will only be covering the basics, a future guides/examples section may include more in-depth tutorials later on.

  MobType: zombie
  Health: 100
  Damage: 10
  Display: '&5Zombie Lvl - <mob.level>'
    MovementSpeed: 0.3
  DropsPerLevel: (Below v4.4 only)
  - GOLD_NUGGET 1 0.5
    Health: 5
    Damage: 0.5


The drops listed under this section will be applied depending on the level of the mob. In the example above the Zombie has a 50% chance of dropping an additional gold nugget per level. So if he's level 5 he has a chance to drop up to 6 gold nuggets.

See Drops Overview for more information.

DropsPerLevel has been removed as of v4.4


These options, put under the LevelModifiers section, will increase the mobs respective stats by the given numbers per level. These stats will be added on top of their base stats.

Level modifiers may not work if you didn't specify specify base values for the affected attributes in the mob configuration.

  • Health: [number]
  • Damage: [number] 1)
  • KnockbackResistance: [number]
  • Power: [number]
  • Armor: [number]
  • MovementSpeed: [number]
  • AttackSpeed: [number]

“MovmentSpeed” and “AttackSpeed” were added in version 2.3.2.

World Scaling

Mob levels (for random-spawned mobs) can automatically be set by the plugin for by specifying world scaling settings in the config.yml located in /MythicMobs/. Setting it up is simple. By the default the section for scaling in your config.yml should look something like this:

      Enabled: false
      PerBlocksFromSpawn: 250
      Enabled: false
      PerBlocksFromSpawn: 250
      Enabled: false
      PerBlocksFromSpawn: 100
First off, when configuring world scaling for your world, you must define the name of your world. In most cases and if you didn't apply a custom name to the folder of your world, that will just the world. For the sake of example, let's say your world is called MyAwesomeServer. As next step, you must set Enabled: true.

Now for the important part; setting PerBlocksFromSpawn: [blocks]. Based on this value, MythicMobs will make the mobs spawn on different values. In the example below it is set to PerBlocksFromSpawn: 250, which will make the mobs spawn:

  • At level 0 in the white area (0-249 blocks from spawn)
  • At level 1 in the skin area (250-499 blocks distance)
  • At level 2 in the yellow area (500-749 blocks distance)
  • At level 3 in the orange area (750-999 blocks distance)
  • At level 4 in the red area (1000-1249 blocks distance)
  • At level 5 … (1250-1499 blocks distance)


These options will automatically be applied to all mobs that are summoned into the game using MythicMobs' Random Spawning. You can use the UseWorldScaling: [true/false] option on your randomspawn configurations to control whether mobs are supposed to be affected by world scaling.

Note that world scaling options will never affect mobs in VanillaMobs.yml located in /MythicMobs/Mobs. Vanilla overrides cannot be affected by world scaling at all. It will only work on custom mobs created in their own configuration files.

The damage value will never influence the damage dealt by potions (witches) or arrows (skeletons)

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