You can use the # character to enter comments in any yml file.


# This is a comment line.

Any config file (with the exception of config.yml) can be renamed from Example file to something that makes more sense as long as it has a YML extension and it should still be read. This can make your configuration easier to manage as it grows by having Tier1_mobs.yml, Tier2_mobs.yml, etc files that organize things based on what makes sense to you.

You can make any number of files in the various folders, and they can be named anything you like as long as the file ends in .yml.


# For more information, check out the plugin manual or join us on Discord: # # Configuration:

Version: 4.9
  AllowMetrics: true
  CheckForUpdates: true
  CompatibilityMode: false
  DebugLevel: 0
  ErrorLogging: true
  Language: enUS
  UseVolatileFeatures: true
  ClockInterval: 1
  SaveInterval: 5
  SpawnsInterval: 2
  ScannerInterval: 10
  CleanupInterval: 600
  CustomSpawners: true
  RandomSpawning: true
  DespawnByDefault: true
  EnableAIModifiers: true
  EnableTimerSkills: true
  EnableThreatTables: true
  EnablePlayerFactions: true
  EnableLegacySkills: false
  KillMessagePrefix: ''
  PreventOtherDropsByDefault: false
      Enabled: true
      PerBlocksFromSpawn: 250
      Enabled: true
      PerBlocksFromSpawn: 250
      Enabled: false
      PerBlocksFromSpawn: 100
    Health: V * ((1.05)^(L-1))
    Damage: V * ((1.05)^(L-1))
    Health: 0.1
    Armor: 0
    Damage: 0
    KnockbackResistance: 0
    Power: 0
  DisableVanillaSpawns: false
  GenerateSpawnPoints: false
  MaxMobsPerChunk: 2
  SpawnRadiusPerPlayer: 64
  SpawnRadiusPerPlayerY: 32
  DespawnLazyRandomMobs: true
  MaxGenerationTime: 20
    Land: 5
    Air: 0
    Sea: 2
    Lava: 0
    Ground: 0
    Enabled: true
    Enabled: true
    ShowXPMessage: true
    XPMessageFormat: '&7You receive <drop.amount> experience for slaying <>'
    Enabled: true
    ShowXPMessage: true
    XPMessageFormat: '&7You receive <drop.amount> experience for slaying <>'
    Enabled: true
    ShowMoneyMessage: true
    MoneyMessageFormat: '&7You receive <drop.amount> currency for slaying <>'


  • AllowMetrics: [true/false]
  • Whether to send metric data to the mythicmobs devs
  • CheckForUpdates: [true/false]
  • Whether to check for new version of mythicmobs
  • CompatibilityMode: [true/false]
  • Whether to utilize compatibility with other plugins
  • DebugLevel: [number]
  • Sets the debug level
  • ErrorLogging: [true/false]
  • Whether to save error logs (\MythicMobs\Error Logs\)
  • UseVolatileFeatures: [true/false]
  • Whether to activate volatile features (includes custom AI, for example)


  • ClockInterval: [number]
  • The lowest possible interval for timed-skills (only applies to “~onTimer:xx”
  • SaveInterval: [number]
  • How many minutes to wait between saving mythicmobs related data to server
  • SpawnsInterval: [number]
  • How many seconds there are between spawns
  • ScannerInterval: [number]
  • How many seconds between scanning for and despawning lazy mythicmobs
  • CleanupInterval: [number]


  • CustomSpawners: [true/false]
  • Whether to allow mythic spawners
  • RandomSpawning: [true/false]
  • Whether to allow mythic random spawners


  • EnableAIModifiers: [true/false]
  • Whether to allow custom AI
  • EnableTimerSkills: [true/false]
  • Whether to allow timer skills
  • EnableThreatTables: [true/false]
  • Whether to allow threattables
  • EnablePlayerFactions: [true/false]
  • Whether to allow player factions
  • EnableLegacySkills: [true/false]
  • Whether to utilize legacy skills (pre 2.0 mythicmobs format)
  • KillMessagePrefix: '[text]'
  • Set a text to display before each MythicMob's kill message if set in their configs
  • ShowHealth:
    • Radius: [number]
    • In which radius around the mob health messages are sent
    • Format: '[text]'
    • The format of health messages. may use variables


  • heroes-show-xp-message: [true/false]
  • Whether or not to display an xp message for heroes exp gained
  • heroes-xp-message-format: You receive $xp experience for slaying $mobname
  • Format of the heroes xp message that will be displayed.
  • skillapi-show-xp-message: [true/false]
  • Whether or not to display an xp message for skillapi exp gained.
  • skillapi-xp-message-format: You receive $xp experience for slaying $mobname
  • Format of the skillapi xp message that will be displayed.
  • vault-show-money-message: [true/false]
  • Whether or not to display a message when money is dropped into the vault plugin.
  • vault-money-message-format: You receive $money for slaying $mobname
  • Format of the vault message to be displayed.

general.clock-interval: [number] Controls the speed (in ticks) of MythicMobs' internal clock. Defaults to 1 (every tick). Changing this requires a plugin restart. Recommend increasing this in increments of 5.

general.compatability-mode: [true/false] Provides compatibility with some other plug-ins that would normally conflict with Mythic Mobs. Defaults to false. If you are having issues with a plug-in such as MobArena, enable to see if it fixes things.

general.debug-level: [number]

Debugging level. Displays more debug information the higher it is, with 4 being the highest 0 = disabled,

0. debugging is off

1. minimal

  • Displays fire particles where spanners are located (very useful)
  • Logs all spawners loaded successfully when the plug in starts or is reloaded.

2. medium

  • Logs when skills are cast, mobs die, drop table parsing, etc.
  • Logs all items, skills, and drop tables when reloaded
  • Logs skill exceptions that could help with particular issues.
  • Highest useful level of debugging.

3. heavy

4. too much information [number] How many minutes to wait between saves

general.scanner-interval: [number] Controls how often (in seconds) MythicMobs will scan the world to reconcile or despawn Mythic Mobs that have forgotten who they are. Defaults to 20 seconds.

general.spawns-interval: [number] How many seconds there are between spawns.

general.use-volatile-features: [true/false] Whether or not to use volatile features. Generally you want this to be true but you may want to turn it off if you use an unsupported version of Bukkit or some kind of weird Spigot version

metrics.allow: [true/false] Whether or not to disable metrics. Defaults to true.

show-health-format: Format of the message that is displayed using the following variables:

  • $mobname: Name of the mob.
  • $percent: Percent health of the mob.
  • $mobhp: Current mob hit points.
  • $mobmaxhp: Mobs max hit points.

show-health-radius: [number] Radius at which player receive messages mob health if the ShowHealth option is set to true.

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