4.10.0 [Dev]



  • Updated to use latest LibsDisguises
  • Updated to use latest version of MMOItems
  • Data files will now regenerate when corruption is detected and leave a backup of the old file



  • Added asTarget option to Command mechanic
  • Added requireTarget option to Command mechanic


  • Added level attribute to summon mechanic


NEW: mobsInRadius



  • Added Disguise.Name option
  • Better PlayerDisguise parsing for LibsDisguises
  • Disguise.ShowName for mobdisguise should be assumed false

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Added more error catching for badly configured items
  • Fixed plugin not even loading on 1.12
  • Fixed errors in ProtocolLib support
  • Fixed MountMe, MountTarget mechanics running async
  • Fixed PotionMechanic overwrite=true not working on 1.15
  • Fixed offset not working in speak mechanic
  • Fixed serialization error with spawn location and goToSpawn AI goal
  • Fixed NPE preventing removed or corrupted mobs from being cleaned up
  • Fixed projectiles hitting targets multiple times in the same hit
  • Fixed Custom drops not registering on startup
  • Fixed GoToOwner goal error when player owner changes worlds
  • Fixed NPE in FleeIf AI goal
  • Fixed NPE in SudoSkill mechanic
  • Fixed wandering_trader and baby_wandering_trader disguises
  • Fix names on custom player disguises not being set properly
  • Fixed NPE when chain mechanic has no target
  • Fixed bugs with lunge mechanic
  • Fixed PreventSlimeSplit option
  • Fixed eggs spawning pigs out of dispensers
  • Fixed TriggerLocation targeter
  • Fixed villager trade results not working with multiple amounts
  • Fixed RemoveAura mechanic not working with targets
  • Fixed dusk condition logic being backwards
  • Fixed remount mechanic running async
  • Fixed custom AI errors on 1.13
  • Fixed corrupt spawner files so that they'll still load if they have lost their world data so they can still be updated/moved
  • Fixed spawners losing their data if they fail to load the mob type
  • Fixed and optimized tracking of number of entities per chunk
  • Fixed vanilla mob spawns not obeying MaxMobsPerChunk setting


Major Stuff


  • Dropped 1.8 Support (Seriously, what are you doing?)
  • ADDED 1.15.x Support

NEW: Packs

You can now create “packs” of things. To create a pack, you make your pack folder in the “Packs” folder and then put your pack stuff in your pack folder in the Packs folder.

For example, to create MyCoolMobPack, you could organize your stuff like this: - plugins/MythicMobs/Packs/MyCoolMobPack/Items - plugins/MythicMobs/Packs/MyCoolMobPack/Mobs - plugins/MythicMobs/Packs/MyCoolMobPack/Skills

This should make it easier for people to organize and distribute stuff. Packs can contain DropTables, Items, Mobs, Skills, and RandomSpawns, and also Artifacts' Enchantments


  • Added yaw and pitch options to spawn command


  • Added Bees
  • Fixed Vindicator Mob type
  • Added 1.14+ Cat support
  • Mob Levels can now have decimal places for smoother scaling.


  • Options.Anger (Bees)
  • Options.HasNectar (Bees)
  • Options.HasStung (Bees)
  • Options.ApplyInvisibility (true/false) (No more 10000 duration invisibility potions ~onSpawn)
  • Options.HasBasePlate (Armor Stands)
  • Options.MainGene, Options.HiddenGene (Panda enum names)
  • Options.FoxType (Foxes)
  • Options.OcelotType (Cats)
  • Options.LockPitch (Requires protocollib, keeps mobs heads from looking up/down)
  • Options.CanTick, Options.CanMove (ArmorStand option on Paperspigot)
  • Options.PreventJockeyMounts (for zombie types)


  • Improved nearestOtherFaction AI targeter
  • Added doNothing{conditions=[]} AI goal (premium-only)
  • Added usePlayerName option to the doppleganger mechanic
  • Added 'disguisetarget' mechanic
  • summon mechanic now has “inheritFaction=true/false” option
  • sendtoast{}
  1. added option “[icon]nbt=string” (default = nothing)
  2. sendtoast{icon=“diamond_sword”,iconnbt=“{CustomModelData:3}”,frame=“goal”}
  3. sendtoast{icon=“shears”,nbt=“{Damage:10b,Unbreakable=true}”,frame=“challenge”}
  • Added placeholder support to “shoot” and “volley” mechanics.
  • Added placeholder support in the 'setname' mechanic.
  • Allow placeholders in in-line delay, repeat, and repeatInterval
  • Added <caster.l.yaw> and <caster.l.pitch>
  • Added option “soundcategory” to effect:sound{}
  • Added sendMessage=false option to currency drops

NEW: Animate Armorstand

  • New mechanic: animatearmorstand{} / alias: animas{}


  1. duration=ticks (default = 1)
  2. head = x,y,z
  3. body = x,y,z
  4. leftarm = x,y,z
  5. rightarm = x,y,z
  6. leftleg = x,y,z
  7. rightleg = x,y,z
  8. smart = boolean (default = true)
  9. ignoreempty = boolean (default = true)
  10. usedegrees = boolean (default = true)
  11. —————————————
  • “smart” will help you to make your animations smoother if true
  • “ignoreempty” will ignore unspecified body parts and not animate them
  • “usedegrees” interprets the input' values as degrees (0-360) and as radians (0-6.28) if set to false
- animatearmorstand{d=60;head=45,0,0}
- animatearmorstand{d=10;leftarm=90,0,0;rightarm=270,0,0;ignoreempty=false}
- etc, any combination you like

NEW: setrotation

  • Added setrotation{} mechanic:
  1. setrotation{relative=true;yaw=90}
  2. setrotation{yaw=0;pitch=0}
  3. setrotation{relative=true;pitch=-45}

NEW: disengage

  • Added 'disengage' mechanic for properly lunging backwards.

NEW: setAI

  • setAI{ai=true/false}

NEW: setMobColor

  • SetMobColor{color=X}

NEW: giveItem

NEW: teleportto

  • Added 'teleportto{}' mechanic, with support for relative teleportation.
  1. teleportto{m=relative;c=0,1,0} (teleports the target 1 block above its' current location)
  • Added support for directional teleportation:
  1. teleportto{m=directional;c=1,0,0} (teleports the target 1 block towards its current facing (yaw))
  2. teleportto{m=directional;c=1,0,1} (teleports the target 1 block forward and 1 to the right)
  3. teleportto{m=directional;c=-1,3,0} (1 block backward + 3 blocks up)
  4. teleportto{m=directional;c=0.1,0,0;yaw=1} (adds 1 to targets' yaw and teleports 0.1 blocks forward)
  5. Added option “origin=caster/target” for basing the origin of directional/relative teleportation
  6. Allow placeholders in TargetTo and TargetIn mechanics


  • Added more functionality to the threat{} mechanic.
  • The threat mechanic now supports the “mode=” field which includes the options:
  1. mode=add (default value)
  2. mode=remove
  3. mode=multiply
  4. mode=divide
  5. mode=set (allows setting threat to specific value)
  6. mode=reset (removes the target from the threat table)
  7. mode=forcetop (forces the target to become the top threat holder)

set/reset/forcetop do not require the “amount=” field

Particle Effects

  • Added dripping_honey
  • Added falling_honey
  • Added falling_nectar
  • Added landing_honey
  • Added xSpread and zSpread option for all particle effects


Origin Targeter

  • Added yoffset option

Target Filters

  • Added ignore=vanilla/targetvanilla=false target filter
  • Added


  • Added 'hasGravity' condition
  • Added 'children' condition, which tests how many children the caster has

NEW: SameFaction


  • Added caster.tt.size placeholder
  • Added placeholder support to “shoot” and “volley” mechanics.
  • Added placeholder support in the 'setname' mechanic.
  • Allow placeholders in in-line delay, repeat, and repeatInterval


  • Added Options.AppendType to items, to track MM Item Type in NBT


  • Added <spawner.pir> (players in radius) placeholder for spawners to set mob amount based on players in radius.
  • Added scalingRange attribute for spawners
  • Allow placeholders+math in spawners maxmobs attribute
  • Allow multiple mob types per spawner, in format:

/mm s set [name] mobtype 25%Mob1,25%Mob2,50%mMob2


  • Better FactionsAPI support
  • Added native support for latest MMOItems/MMOCore


Added missing disguises:

  • baby_horse
  • baby_mooshroom
  • baby_chicken
  • baby_pig
  • baby_sheep


  • Mob Health and Damage now support math and placeholders.
  • Added new ScalingEquations in config.yml to auto scale mob health/damage using math/formulas. Replaces Levelmodifiers if used.}
  • Item attributes can now use placeholders/math for item generation.
  • doNothing{conditions=[]} AI goal

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Improved MythicMobSpawnEvent
  • Fixed onAttack skills recursively triggering themselves
  • Fixed projectiles sometimes hitting their own bullets and stopping
  • Fixed projectiles not terminating in unloaded worlds
  • Fixed mpets working with mob spawners
  • Fixed mpets working with summon skill
  • Fixed error with HolographicDisplays support
  • Fixed recursive onDamaged skills with mob damaging itself
  • Fixed remove command not unregistering non-Despawning mobs
  • Fixed Lunge and Disengage mechanics not targeting locations
  • fixed some item related bugs
  • fixed some Item NBT bugs
  • fixed RandomThreatTarget targeter never targeting the last person on threat
  • fixed lunge being backwards and changed velocity to absolute value
  • Fixed several placeholder/math bugs.
  • improved 1.15.1/1.15.2 compatibility
  • Fixed several spawner related bugs.
  • Fixed MythicMobDespawnEvent being async
  • fixed ranges/percents in attributes
  • Fixed Options.PreventTransformation
  • Fixing mixup of x/z axis in mode=relative on teleportto{}
  • Fixed yaw in mode=relative / teleportto{}
  • Fixed NPE in TeleportIn mechanic
  • More placeholder support
  • Made parrots randomize color if not specified
  • Fixed Options.PassthroughDamage not working with projectiles.
  • Fixed a bullettype material error
  • Fixed Parrots
  • Scaling equations may now be set to NONE
  • Fixed onCombat trigger
  • Improved Paper compatibility
  • Fixed double/float ranges using #-# format not parsing
  • Fixed spawners set and listnear commands
  • Fixed armor stands having no gravity by default
  • Fixed an NPE with CreatureSpawnEvent
  • Fixing effect:sound being played globally maybe
  • Fixed NPE in OtherFaction AI goal
  • Deprecated backup system for tracking mob type in scoreboards
  • Fixed compatibility error with HolographicDisplays
  • a bunch of other stuff I probably forgot


Major Stuff


  • Dropped 1.11 support (why aren't you on 1.12 yet?)

AI Update

  • Many AI goals/targeters have been improved
  • Performance has been improved
  • A new API has been added for registering custom AI goals

Villager Trades

You can now configure villager trades! Please note that villagers must have certain professions to be able to trade, and some items may require the villager to be a certain level.

  Display: '&6Merchant Test'
  Health: 20
  Faction: tester 
    Profession: NITWIT
    Type: DESERT
    Level: 2
      Item1: 5 EMERALD
      Item2: 5 DIAMOND
      Result: DIAMOND_SWORD
      MaxUses: 5
      Item1: 64 EMERALD
      Result: SkeletonKingSword
      MaxUses: 1

Chain Mechanic

A really cool new mechanic! See entry in the mechanics section.


  • Added -p flag to mob spawn command, allowing you to spawn mobs at aspecific player




  • Added Options.PreventTransformation: true to stop zombies from turning into pigmen or drowned


NEW: BarCreate

NEW: BarSet

NEW: BarRemove

NEW: BlockWave

Creates a wave of blocks. This effect is client-side (there is no risk to your server).

NEW: BloodyScreen

NEW: Chain

This allows you to make skills that bounce between targets, like a “chain lightning” type skill.

BounceConditions are evaluated after each “bounce” of the skill. With the example, if someone were on the other side of a wall from the mob but you were standing in the doorway, it could bounce from you to them since it bounced around the wall

It will only bounce to the same entity per cast once. Also every time the skill bounces, the entity it is bouncing from will be the “origin” in the skill and the inherited target of onBounce will be the next entity it is bouncing to, so fromOrigin is your friend for making effects!


  1. chain{


      - effect:particleline{p=flame;fromOrigin=true}
      - inlineofsight
      - hasaura{aura=damageResist} false
  } @target ~onTimer:20

NEW: CloseInventory

NEW: MountMe

NEW: SendToast

NEW: Stun

An aura mechanic that will stun the target entity for its duration.

  1. stun{auraName=stunned;d=100;facing=true;onTick=[ - particles{p=crit;amount=10;hS=0.4} ]} @trigger ~onInteract


  • Added skillName, showCastBar options to cast mechanic
  • The Cast mechanic will show a hologram castbar if showCastBar=true


  • Added damageType option, can be set to whatever you want
  • You can use any custom damageTypes you define in DamageModifiers and in the onDamaged aura

Here are some examples of this in action:

  1. damage{amount=10;element=FIRE} @target ~onUse
  2. damage{amount=10;element=ICE} @target ~onUse
  Type: COW
  - FIRE 2.0
  - AIR 1.0
  - ICE 0.5
  - message{m="Damaged by <skill.var.damage-type> for <skill.var.damage-amount>"} @PIR{r=50} ~onDamaged


  • Added damageMods option, letting you create auras that apply damage modifiers.
  • Can also specify custom damageMods that you use in the damage mechanic

  - onDamaged{
        - particles{p=flame;amount=10;hS=0.4}
      damageMods="FIRE 0.5"} @self ~onInteract


  • Added campfire_cosy, campfire_signal particles
  • Allowed a bunch of placeholders in more mechanics


NEW: EnchantExp

NEW: EnchantLevel

NEW: FoodSaturation

NEW: FoodLevel

NEW: LocalDifficulty


New Sorters

  • Added new Target sorters

NEW: @RandomLocationsNearTargets

AI Goals/Targets

NEW: NearestConditionalTarget

A premium-only AI Targeter that will cause the mob to attack any nearby entities that meet the supplied conditions.


- clear
- nearestConditionalTarget{conditions=[
      - entitytype PLAYER
      - hasaura{aura=marked_for_death}

NEW: FleeConditional

A premium-only AI Goal that will cause the mob to flee from any nearby entities that meet the supplied conditions.


- clear
- fleeConditional{distance=5; speed=2; conditions=[
      - inlineofsight
      - entitytype COW


  • Added missing trigger.threat placeholder



  • Fixed some disguise bugs

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Added better error catching for placeholders
  • Most mob config keys can now be lowercase if desired
  • Removed some outdated methods for determining mob type
  • Fixed ParticleAtom effect on 1.13+
  • Fixed bugs with global variables
  • Fixed some issues with goToOwner AI goal
  • Fixed bug with BlockUnmask effect
  • Fix for BLOCK projectile bullets on pre1.13 versions
  • Fixed inline conditions not working inside of metaskills
  • Fixed variableMath mechanic adding instead of setting values
  • Fixed NPE with target.name placeholder
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with WorldGuard on 1.8
  • Fixed plugin not loading on 1.8.8 PaperSpigot
  • Fixed a mob loading error on 1.8
  • Fixed hasParticles=false in potion mechanic
  • Fixed NPE when creating spawners that use mpets
  • Fixed vault currency reward messages to be rounded to 2 decimal places
  • Fixed some issues with bstats
  • Fixed a bunch of broken AI targeters on 1.14
  • Fixed bug with goToOwner AI goal
  • Fixed NPE in rally mechanic
  • Fixed NPE in @MobsInRadius targeter
  • Fixed numerous bugs with auras
  • Fixed projectiles hitting and stopping on non-creatures
  • Fixed projectile mob bullets sometimes getting stuck and not despawning
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with ThreatTables
  • Fixed mob sometimes not being marked in combat when targeting players
  • Fixed ThreatTable mobs continuing to target players that died
  • Fixed onDropCombat skills sometimes firing twice
  • Fixed sounds playing with infinite range on 1.14
  • Fixed some bugs with the Wearing condition
  • Fixed some bugs with item NBT
  • Fixed some bugs with shootFireball
  • Fixed creeper damage being modified when it shouldn't
  • Fixed some bugs with targeters
  • Fixed some issues with the prison mechanic

4.7.1 [Latest]

  • Fixed several bugs with placeholders
  • Fixed number ranges not working in drops
  • Backported several other random bug fixes


Major Features

1.14 Support

  • Full support for 1.14.4
  • Dropped support for 1.7, 1.9 and 1.10

New Mobs

  • Cat
  • Fox
  • Panda
  • Pillager
  • Ravager

New Particles

  • flash
  • landinglava
  • sneeze
  • composter
  • fallinglava
  • fallingwater

Better MetaSkills

MetaSkills can now in many places be put in-line instead of having to reference another skill. This means you will no longer have to make multiple small skills in order to use certain complex meta-skills, such as projectiles.

This is done by creating a new list of mechanics surrounded by square brackets []s instead of putting a skill name. You can do this to nest skills pretty much infinitely. Each new list of skills should be properly indented to make sure YAML reads them correctly.

- projectile{
      interval=1; velocity=30; bulletType=BLOCK; material=MAGMA_BLOCK; tyo=0.5; g=1; bulletSpin=-40; hnp=true; stopatentity=false; duration=100;
          - damage{amount=50}
          - ignite{ticks=20}
          - particles{p=flame;a=20;hs=0.5;vs=0.5}
          - particles{p=largeexplode;a=50;speed=1;hs=0.05;vs=0.05}
          - effect:sound{s=entity.dragon_fireball.explode;p=0.6;v=2}
          - damage{amount=30} @ENO{r=5}
  } @targetlocation


This feature is Premium-only.

You can now use math and numeric placeholders in lots of places! The plan is to expand this to be usable anywhere, but it's a big undertaking.

In order to use math where able, you can simply put placeholders and equations between '' where you'd normally put a number value.

For example:

- damage{amount=1}
- damage{amount='5 + 5'}
- damage{amount='<caster.level> * 10'}

and so on

The following mechanics can use math so far:

  • damage
  • damagePercent
  • heal
  • healPercent
  • setLevel

Math is also usable in drop amounts:

- gold_nugget '1 + (0.2 * <caster.level>)'

Projectile Bullets

Projectile mechanics can now specify a bullet type that will represent the projectile. No longer are projectiles just limited to particles!

These work with the projectile, missile, and orbital mechanics.

Bullet types available are:

  • ARROW - projectile{bulletType=ARROW;…}
  • BLOCK - projectile{bulletType=BLOCK;material=STONE;…}
  • ITEM - projectile{bulletType=ITEM;material=STONE;…}
  • MOB - projectile{bulletType=MOB;mob=SkeletonKing;…}

Yes, that's right, you can even shoot projectiles made up of other Mythic mobs! Mobs shot with the projectile skill cannot be interacted with, but will still use all their skills…

You can also use the new bulletSpin=# option to give your bullets some spin.


Added support for all 1.14 mob types.


NEW: onShoot

A special Aura mechanic that adds a temporary onShoot skill to the target.

- onShoot{auraName=fireball_bow;onShoot=[ shootfireball ];duration=200;charges=5} @self

In this example, the caster's next 5 bow shots will shoot fireballs instead of arrows.

NEW: Speak

Speak is similar to the message skill, but is used for making mobs “talk”. Mobs will talk in the chat using a configured syntax, and if you have a hologram plugin installed, they will also have speech bubbles!

  1. speak{m=“OH BOY I HAVE SPEECH BUBBLES NOW”} @trigger ~onInteract

NEW: VariableMath


NEW: DamageAmount

NEW: DamageCause

NEW: Health

NEW: Moving


  • Added the Model option for setting an item's CustomModelData NBT tag.
  • Placeholders and variables are now usable in item lore



  • *Premium Only* You can now use math equations and placeholders in drop amounts, surrounded by single-quotes.
  • Drop messages now use regular placeholders

NEW: cmd

  • Added a new drop type to run a command for the killer


  • Name-related placeholders will now show the entity's type instead of Unknown if the mob has no name
  • Added <trigger.luck> placeholder
  • Added <caster.enchantlevel.ENCHANT_NAME> placeholder
  • Added <caster.heldenchantlevel.ENCHANT_NAME> placeholder
  • Added <&nm> placeholder for number signs #


  • Regular mobs will now obey the MaxMobsPerChunk option


Holographic Displays

All hologram-related things now support using Holographic Displays, including health bars, nameplates, and speech bubbles.


  • Added a bunch of missing disguises

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed some bugs with serialization
  • Fixed missiles to hit the target's body instead of their feet
  • Fixed wearing condition
  • Fixed some egg-related crashes on 1.14
  • Fixed placeholders in drop messages
  • Fixed singlequotes breaking message mechanics
  • Fixed <.php> placeholders
  • Fixed the shootpotion mechanic
  • Fixed a bunch of errors related to world unloading
  • Fixed despawn event throwing an async error
  • Fixed despawning errors on shutdown
  • Fixed xp messages showing up even when disabled
  • Fixed droptable inline item display names not parsing special characters
  • Fixed inline OnBlock and WorldTime conditions
  • Fixed an error with recursive drops
  • Fixed several variable-related bugs
  • Fixed custom API drops not rolling amounts correctly
  • Fixed various errors with Random Spawns
  • Fixed particle effects appearing in the wrong world
  • Fixed delayed skills throwing errors when the world was unloaded
  • Fixed toggleLever not obeying the set duration
  • Fixed another error with shootpotion
  • Fixed MythicMobs breaking the Guilds plugin
  • Fixed onSurface option in summon mechanics

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