4.6.0 [Dev Builds]



NEW: BreakBlock

Breaks the block at the targeted location

- breakblock @targetlocation

NEW: onAttack

A special Aura mechanic that adds a temporary onAttack skill to the target. Can also be used to modify damage done by the attack.

- onAttack{auraName=firey_strikes;onHit=FireStrike;duration=200;charges=5;multiplier=2} @self

In this example, the caster's next 5 physical hits within 10 seconds would trigger the FireStrike skill targeting whatever was hit and also deal 200% damage. However, if FireStrike's conditions failed, it would deal regular damage as the multiplier would not trigger either.

onAttack has the following options:

  • All options available to Auras
  • onHit=[skill] - A skill to execute while the aura is active
  • cancelEvent=true - Whether to cancel the event and do no base damage
  • multiplier=# - An optional multiplier on the original hit's damage
  • add=# - An optional static increase to the original hit's damage

NEW: SendResourcePack

Forces the target player to download a resource pack. Player must have resource packs enabled on the server.'

- sendResourcePack{url=www.website.com/resourcepack.zip} @target

NEW: SetFaction

Sets or changes the target mob's faction

- setFaction{faction=X}

NEW: SetGameMode

Sets the game mode of the targeted player

- setGameMode{mode=ADVENTURE} @trigger ~onInteract

NEW: Shield

Shields the target with absorption hearts for a set amount.

- shield{amount=10;maxShield=20} @target

NEW: ShieldPercent

Shields the target with absorption hearts for a percentage of their maximum health.

- shield{multiplier=0.5;maxShield=2} @target

MaxShield also acts as a multiplier, so the example shield would stack up to 2x the target's max health.

Heal and HealPercent

  • Overhealing now applies absorption hearts instead of increasing maximum health.
  • Added MaxOverhealing option for both skills, working exactly like the similar shield mechanics.

Drop Tables

  • Finally fixed/implemented BonusLevelItems and BonusLuckItems

BonusLevelItems: [number]/[range]

  • A modifier on the number of items dropped based on the mob's level
  • Can be set as a range, i.e. 0.2to0.5
  • Works like: amount = amount + (mob_level * bonus_level_items)
  • Requires that TotalItems, MinItems, or MaxItems be set on the table to work

BonusLuckItems: [number]/[range]

  • A modifier on the number of items dropped based on the killer's luck stat
  • Can be set as a range, i.e. 0.15to8
  • Works with Luck attribute, Luck-based enchants/curses, and Luck potion effects
  • Works like: amount = amount + (luck * bonus_luck_items)
  • Requires that TotalItems, MinItems, or MaxItems be set on the table to work


  • Optimized and improved random spawn point generation
  • Fixed RandomSpawns not obeying MaxMobsPerChunk option


  • Added PositionType: [LAND/SEA] option, defaults to LAND
  • Land spawns will only ever spawn on land
  • Sea will only ever spawn in water


  • Fixed MPets compatibility
  • Fixed bugs with new particle options
  • Fixed potential dupe glitch with consumeHeldItem mechanic and Artifacts
  • Fixed bugs with item durability not applying on 1.13+
  • Fixed various bugs with item generation
  • Fixed SkillAPI and McMMO xp messages showing even when disabled
  • Fixed RandomSpawns not obeying MaxMobsPerChunk option

4.5.5 [Latest Stable]

  • Backported more API changes to 4.5.X
  • Backported various bug fixes


  • Backported latest API changes to 4.5.X
  • Fixed several bugs with items


  • Built against latest WorldGuard 7.0 dev builds
  • Fixed several other minor bugs


  • Fixed item names not processing special characters correctly
  • Optimized mob spawning a bit
  • Fixed some formatting in error messages
  • Fixed an incompatibility with Artifacts



  • Added support for Minecraft 1.13 and 1.13.1
  • Massive internal update to allow backwards compatibility with pre-1.13 servers
  • Improved error catching with more informative error messages
  • Changed config loader to only load .yml and .txt config files
  • Improved some of the example files


  • Added -p flag to killall command to kill persistent mobs
  • Added version command
  • Added some new testing commands



  • Added Adult and Baby options for ageable animals.
  • Age will no longer override on offspring unless configured to.

New: Baby_Drowned

New: Cod

New: Drowned

New: Donkey

  • Now separate from Horse
  • Includes options: Saddled, CarryingChest, Tamed

New: Dolphin

New: Mule

  • Now separate from Horse
  • Includes options: Saddled, CarryingChest, Tamed

New: Phantom

  • Includes Size option to modify phantom size

New: PufferFish

====New: Salmon====.

New: Skeletal_Horse

  • Now separate from Horse
  • Includes options: Saddled, Tamed

New: TropicalFish

  • Includes options: Pattern, PatternColor, and BodyColor

New: Turtle

  • Includes options: Age, Agelock

New: Zombie_Horse

  • Now separate from Horse
  • Includes options: Saddled, Tamed

Armor Stands

  • ArmorStand mobs now use Degrees for poses instead of radians

Falling Block

  • Added option Options.DropsItem: [true/false], defaults to true
  • Added option Options.HurtsEntities: [true/false], defaults to true

Iron Golem

  • Added option Options.PlayerCreated: [true/false], defaults to false


  • Added option Options.Sheared: [true/false], defaults to false

Snow Golem

  • Added option Options.Derp: [true/false], defaults to false


  • Added option Options.HasTrades: [true/false], defaults to false


Particle Effects

  • Added particles squid_ink, bubble_pop, current_down, bubble_column, nautilus, dolphin
  • Added size option to reddust particle
  • Added material option for item_crack, block_crack particles




  • Add operators “REMOVE” and “DIVIDE”


NEW: Cuboid

Checks if a target entity is within the defined cuboid represented by location1 and location2.

  • - cuboid{location1=x,y,z;location2=x,y,z;world=world}

NEW: LastDamageCause

Checks the entity's last damage cause

- lastdamagecause ENTITY_ATTACK


NEW: Pitch

Checks the target entity's pitch

- pitch 20to40
- pitch <100

NEW: Wearing

Condition to check the armor slots of living entities for normal or mythic items

- wearing{slot=helmet;material=DIAMOND_HELMET} true
- wearing{slot=chestplate;mmitem=AnItem}

Slots are helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots

NEW: Yaw

Checks the target entity's yaw

- yaw >50
- yaw 50to100


  • Add option strict=true/false (false by default)



  • Vanilla targeters have been deprecated and removed.

Target Limits

All entity targeters now support target limits. With this you can limit how many things you target, including the order in which they are selected.

This is done with the options:

  • limit=#
  • sort=X

Lets say you want your ability to only target the 2 nearest players within 30 yards. To do this, you'd simply set the limit 2 to and sort by nearest:

  • @PlayersInRadius{r=30;limit=2;sort=NEAREST}

Currently sort can have the following values:

  • NONE (usually sorts by how long the entity has existed)


  • This update includes a built-in item converter that allows all legacy material names and data values to continue to be used.
  • Old items should not require updating, but we make no promises as there may be some fringe cases we missed.
  • Added Durability field for items that can have durability


Added potion effects CONDUIT_POWER, DOLPHINS_GRACE, SLOW_FALLING for potion items


  • Updated to be compatible with WorldGuard 7.0.0-beta1
  • Updated to latest LibsDisguises
  • Updated to use the new MPets API
  • Removed BarAPI support


  • Added support for custom LibsDisguises disguises w/ Disguise.Type: name
  • If Disguise.Type does not match a known entity type, MM will ask LibsDisguises for any custom types defined in disguises.yml

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Show build number on plugin startup
  • Fixed many instances where bad configs would cause the plugin to not load
  • Fixed NPE in RandomMessage Mechanic
  • Fixed NPE with Get Egg Command tab completion
  • Fixed console warning when AIR used for blockmask
  • Numerous bug fixes for skill mechanic parsing
  • Fixed console error caused by boss bars
  • Fixes for ParticleBox effect
  • Fixed projecitles not obeying StopAtBlock option
  • Fixed bugs with ThreatTable API
  • Fixed conditionVar not working with Currency condition
  • Fixed MythicItem drops not dropping correct amount
  • Fixed Tropical Fish options not applying
  • Fixed NPEs in random spawns
  • Fixed sound mechanic being case-sensitive on 1.13+
  • Fixed and improved positioning of prison mechanicc
  • Fixed RandomSpawn ADD not working on 1.13+
  • Fixed ArmorStand HasGravity option working backwards
  • Fixed @Cone targeter positioning the cone thousands of blocks away
  • Countless other bug fixes we forgot about

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