Triggers [Artifacts]

Artifacts Item Skills use the same type of trigger system as MythicMobs, and includes several new triggers that are oriented towards players.

Any of these triggers work with item skills when they are either equipped as armor or held in the player's hand.

Trigger When it fires…
onAttack When the player hits something
onDamaged When the player is damaged
onInteract When the player interacts with an entity
onSwing When the player is left-clicks
onUse When the player is right-clicks
onShoot When the player shoots a bow
onBowHit When a player hits an entity with an arrow
onSpawn When the player logs in or respawns
onConsume Triggered if the item is food or a potion that is eaten
onPotionSplash Triggered if the item is a potion that was thrown
onDeath When the mob dies
onTimer:# Every # ticks (where # is the interval in ticks)

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