Artifacts Changelog

Changelog for the Artifacts add-on, located here.


  • Updated for MythicMobs v4.6+


  • Updated for better 1.13 compatibility
  • Fixed some dupe glitches with consumeUsedItem
  • Fixed various other bugs


  • Added consumeUsedDurability mechanic to consume the used item's durability in skills
  • Added CancelDamage, Destroy, and KeepOnDeath options
  • ~onDeath and ~onPlayerKill triggers now work with items
  • Improved 1.8 compatibility
  • Fixed several issues with buff skills not firing properly
  • Fixed issues that allowed items to be placed on armor stands or item frames
  • Fixed several spam issues in the console
  • Fixed various other bugs


  • Requires MythicMobs v4.3.0
  • Updated to be usable with new features in MythicMobs v4.3.0
  • Items can now properly use the Disguise mechanic
  • Fixed numerous bugs


  • Removed some console spam
  • Fixed several bugs


  • Better tracking of which item was used with consumehelditem
  • Fixed several issues with the latest MythicMobs version



  • Should work with MythicMobs 4.1
  • onRightClick trigger requires MM 4.2

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed yet another dupe glitch with consumehelditem
  • Fixed get command


Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed another dupe glitch with consumehelditem



  • Added support for 1.12
  • Requires MythicMobs v4.2.0

Trigger Changes

  • ~onUse Trigger now only fires for items being held in the player's main hand, to fix cases where consumehelditem skills were being abused by players equipping the items and using them in other slots.
  • Added ~onRightClick trigger that fires for all items

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed items not updating when swapping hands
  • Fixed items sometimes not updating after dying


  • Fixed some issues with armor (needs testing)


  • Automatically parse items on player join
  • Fixed items not re-parsing on reload


  • Fixed items with numeric IDs not working
  • Fixed items not going into item frames when preventdropping is false
  • Fixed more console spam


  • Fixed more console spam
  • Fixed items not parsing on pickup
  • Fixed cancelevent{} not working on some item triggers


  • Fixed some console spam


  • Early access release
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