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The MythicMobs API contains numerous events and helper classes to help you utilize our mobs, items, and skill systems.

Some examples to help you get started can be found here:


Event Description
MythicReloadedEvent Called when the plugin is reloaded
MythicMobSpawnEvent Called when a MythicMob spawns
MythicMobDeathEvent Called when a MythicMob dies
MythicMobDespawnEvent Called when a MythicMob despawns without dying
MythicMobLootDropEvent Called right before a loot table is generated
MythicConditionLoadEvent Called when a custom condition is loaded
MythicDropLoadEvent Called when a custom drop is loaded
MythicMechanicLoadEvent Called when a custom mechanic is loaded
MythicTargeterLoadEvent Called when a custom targeter is loaded

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