Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed more issues with mob damage on 1.8
  • Fixed several skill triggers not working on 1.8
  • Fixed damage modifiers not working on 1.8
  • Fixed several other issues on 1.8
  • Fixed “unknown target reason” console error when using threat table


Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed Cast, CastInstead condition actions not working
  • Fixed mob damage in 1.8
  • Fixed /mm item import command only allowing one item per file
  • Fixed some console errors
  • Fixed some issues with buffs failing to be tracked



  • Mobs at 100% HP will now fully update on /reload with any changes
  • Added -t flag for mob spawn command to spawn at target block
  • Added -s flag to item give command to give silently
  • Added /spawnmob command alias for /mm m spawn
  • Spawn command can now accept vanilla mob types to spawn
  • Re-added the Timings command
  • Fixed lots of tab completion issues

Import Items

  • Added /mm item import <itemName> [fileName] command to import your held item for use with MythicMobs
  • file name defaults to <itemName>.yml



  • Mobs at 100% HP will now fully update on /reload with any changes
  • Added “Rider” option, works like Mount
  • Mount, Rider, and mobs summoned with skills are now registered as “children” of the summoner for use with other conditions/mechanics.
  • Added Options.PassthroughDamage: true which causes all damage taken to be redirected to the mob's parent, if they exist.


  • Added Options.Color to Shulkers


NEW: Buff

  • Meta and Buff mechanic
  • Places a “buff” on the target for a duration.
  • Options:
    • buffName
    • Charges
    • Duration
    • interval
    • onStartSkill
    • onTickSkill
    • onEndSkill

The Buff mechanic and all buff-type mechanics that inherit from it will be greatly updated with more functionality in a future update.

NEW: Feed

  • Feeds the target player
  • feed{amount=#;saturation=#;overfeed=[true/false]}

NEW: Orbital

  • Meta and Buff mechanic
  • Can use any options from the Buff mechanic
  • Creates a projectile that “orbits” the target entity or location
  • The “origin” is at the point of orbit

NEW: Look

  • Causes the mob to look at the target
  • look{headOnly=[boolean];immediately=[boolean]}

NEW: ParticleOrbital

NEW: SetSpeed

NEW: Undisguise

  • Undisguises the caster if they have a disguise
  • - undisguise{}


  • No longer requires EffectLib


  • The Disguise skill can now use all options that are available to regular disguises when configuring a mob.

For example, this config:

  Type: PLAYER
  Player: RickyLing
  Skin: jaylawl

…can now also be used in a skill like this:

  1. disguise{type=PLAYER;player=RickyLing;skin=jaylawl}


  • Added forwardOffset, sideOffset options


  • Added action option to modifyProjectile skill, with actions SET,MULTIPLY
  • Fixed several bugs involving this mechanic

Particle Effects

  • Added forwardOffset, sideOffset
  • Works for Particle and ParticleLine effects
  • ParticleLine now obeys UseEyeLocation option


  • Added materialData option


  • Added gravity=false option to Shoot mechanic



  • Fixed many issues with conditions not working in the “- condition variable” format

NEW: fieldOfView

  • - fieldofview{angle=#;rotation=#}
  • True if the target is in the mob's field of vision
  • Angle is the angle of the field of view
  • Rotation can rotate the field of vision by # degrees clock-wise

NEW: hasParent

  • - hasparent
  • Returns true if the mob has a registered parent that is currently alive
  • Returns false if the parent has died or has despawned


NEW: @Children

  • Targets any living “children” summoned by the player or mob

NEW: @Forward

  • Targets in front of the caster


  • Optimized spawners heavily, improving CPU usage by up to 90% in some cases
  • “Level” now allows ranges in the format “1to5” etc
  • Fixed Despawn: false mobs duplicating on reload
  • Fixed radius not using the X-axis
  • Fixed various other spawner issues

Custom AI

New Goals

  • fleeWolves
  • goToParent
  • panic
  • randomFly


  • Fixed custom targeters registered through the API



  • Added babypolarbear disguise
  • Block and Item disguises can now accept the names of Mythic items
  • Any remaining Disguise options have all been moved to be under the Disguise block as appropriate


  • Added mob option Nameplate.Enabled: true to force-use custom nameplates

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed several console errors in 1.8
  • Fixed the plugin not loading if certain commands failed to load on startup
  • Fixed a few minor command bugs
  • Fixed players not being able to use @TargetLocation on 1.12+
  • Fixed OffGCD and Level conditions not working for players
  • Fixed /mm egg give command not being usable in console
  • Fixed a few issues with timings
  • Fixed custom AI goal “goToLocation” on 1.12
  • Fixed issues with Mythic TNT
  • Fixed NPE in Biome condition
  • Fixed modifyProjectile mechanic affecting other projectiles
  • Fixed cancelled events working for damage triggers

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