Using MageSpells Remastered with MythicMobs

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    MageSpells Remastered 2.3.5 or later is required for this tutorial
    It is a premium plugin.
    Download link here

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to use a spell from MageSpells as a skill and make your custom mobs drop spellbooks

    Adding spells as skills

    Add the following code into a skills yml file
    - command{c="minecraft:execute <mob.uuid> ~ ~ ~ magespellsremastered:cast basicspell <mob.l.w>,<mob.l.x>,<mob.l.y>,<mob.l.z> @t <>"}

    'minecraft:execute <mob.uuid> ~ ~ ~' selects the mob and its position. Its probably not needed for this to work but its what I have in my config so ill just leave it there
    Where it says "basicspell" is where the spell name goes. basicspell is the spell name for the Basic Spell.
    <mob.l.w> selects the mobs world. <mob.l.x>,<mob.l.y>,<mob.l.z> selects the mobs XYZ Coodinates. <> gets the name of the target.
    The skill will not work without them.

    Add the following code to a mob yml file
    Type: ZOMBIE
    - skill{s=BasicSpell} @target ~onTimer:75 0.25

    With the code here, the zombie will shoot a basic spell at the target every few seconds 25% of the time.

    How to make MythicMobs drop MageSpells Spells

    As of writing this tutorial, there is no way to add MythicMobs mobs to the configs of MageSpells Remastered. The developer has however said that they will look into adding support sometime in the future so if that's the case then there's no need to follow this method if you would like to use MageSpells to handle the dropping of spells.

    First, you want to get your hands on the spell you want to add to MythicMobs ingame. To do this you will need to spawn one in by doing '/mage menu'. This will bring up a GUI, click on the spell menu, then the spell that you want, and then click on spawn spell.
    Now that you have the spell in your hand, let's assume its the basic spell, run the command '/mythicmobs items import BasicSpellBook spells'
    What this will do is add the BasicSpells book to spells.yml in your items folder.

    Now if you want your mob to drop the spell you will need to add the following code to your mob.

    - BasicSpellBook 1 0.1​

    This will make the zombie drop the Basic Spell 10% of the time.
    I'd recommend removing mobs dropping spells from the Mage Spell configs since all custom mobs that use a base that has a spell drop will drop the same spell a zombie will if you want to use mythic mobs to manage what mobs drop.
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    Excellent tutorial! Thank you for helping the community :)

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