Resolved Sideoffset = 0, Forward offset also = 0

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    So for whatever reason, if you have a config that says

    - e:p{p=flame;a=4;vS=0.1;hS=0.1;fo=4;so=0;yOffset=1} @self
    It won't move the particle forward at all. It just stays in a vertical position, only offseting by 1 on the Y axis.

    However, if you do so=1 in that, you suddenly see the particle move forward and off to the side by 1. If the side offset is very close to 0 for whatever reason I believe it forces forward offset to be 0 as well :)

    MythicMobs version: 4.2.0 (spigot download release)
    Spigot: 1.8.8
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