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Discussion in 'Show Off' started by 817, May 20, 2018.

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    Been awhile since I last posted... I've been doing some work on my Minecraft server (still in the works). I tell you what, I have nothing but respect for you builders out there!!! Anyways, getting back to the

    I revisited one of my original mobs this weekend (WingedFolk) and was looking to add to the skill set of the mob. While it could fly and shoot arrows, I wanted it to have a attack that was a little more "deadly" that a simple arrow. So, I jotted down a few ideas and settled on this one:

    I wanted it to grab and pick a player up into the air and drop him/her (all the while not killing itself when it landed). So, here is what I came up with... still needs some tweaking here and there, but for the most part it is 90% finished.

    The mob is named Arra in the video, but its actual name is WingedFolk (can see the original post about it here: ). I create a whole new mob file when I test something, so I don't corrupt the original with my testing.

    Any suggestions/comments are welcome (good or bad). Thanks!


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    Genius haha! I should get around to updating my Harpy too... Some day xD
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    How did you pull this off? I've been trying to make a very similar mob for my server and I love the idea of it picking up a mob or player from the ground and dropping them but I can't figure out how to do it!

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