Need an Illusioner to stop making spells. MythicMobs last free version.

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by jose_95, Jun 20, 2018.

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    Hello, I am trying to make a "Uber Illusioner" boss with MythicMobs, and its main abilities are being able to make mobs attack you and disguise. The disguise works great, i'm still working with the rally, but the thing is that the disguises are useless if its always going invisible and clones don't show up (Because the clones only show if they are an illusioner), so I need it to never use spells like the cloning. I tried making it stop being invisible with potion skills and command skills, but it doesn't work, it seems like it isn't a potions. How would I do this?
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    I'm sure there was a remove-potions ability somewhere...maybe in the MythicMobsExtension plugin...but I have another idea.

    It is possible 'force' a potion effect on a mob. Specifically, the forces potion overrides the active potions, and possibly overrides the vanilla invisibility effect on the's my thoughts:

    Give your UberIllusioner a skill like this...
    - potion{type=INVISIBILITY;duration=1;level=0;force=true} @self ~onTimer:100
    My idea is simple. When the UberIllusioner attempts to turn invisible, the invisiblity will be overridden (every 5 seconds) by a half-second forced potion skill. The forced potion effect will only last 1/2 a second and potentially should override the default behavior. The timer can likely be adjusted, but I figure every 5 seconds is enough that the Illusioner should be kept visible most of the time. You could lower it to ensure it turns visible faster, but it may be more CPU intensive - honestly though, even ~onTimer:20 shouldn't be too bad.

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