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    Who I am, and what I do
    I mainly go by the name Undead
    I am 16 years old
    I have experience starting and maintaining servers
    I dabble in art and tech.
    Basically, what I am is a MythicMobs Dev.
    MythicMobs is a Minecraft plugin that adds mobs and items into the game. Using this plugin, there is an endless amount of mobs and items you can make and add into the game.
    I make basic, or even advanced mobs/mob skills/items using MythicMobs.
    I provide clients with overall clean and nicely made content.
    I follow what the client asks, and only what the client asks. (Unless they want me to put in my own thoughts as well)
    I can make as far as your mind can think
    Previous work

    I have a decent amount of knowledge using this plugin and have released multiple packs for sale. They are all provided at the bottom of the thread.

    When buying a pack from me

    Although it is now yours, you can not claim the mobs as your own creation
    You are not allowed to resell the mobs even if you change the configuration
    No chargebacks or refunds (Unless a valid reason)

    How to contact me

    You can either contact me in this thread, PM me on the forum, contact me on Skype and/or discord, or through email
    (PM me for skype information)
    (Clients will be given my email both before and after for updates and changes)

    All Payments will be through PayPal before the mob is sold to you

    How does the process work?

    1. The client sends messages me either in the thread or PMing me. Giving me their Skype or contact information.
    2. They then give me their idea for their wanted pack and estimate a price for the work.
    3. The client then pays 100% upfront, F&F, to prevent wasted work.
    4. I then start making the mob/skills/items. Keeping the client updated and notified with my progress and they can give me small changes as they please.
    5. Once the mob/skills/items are done, I will allow them to test the mob on a test server to make sure it is to their liking. (If the client is just buying custom skills it will be put on dummy mobs for testing)
    6. If everything is to the client's liking, they will then pay the other 50% and receive their pack.
    Terms of Service
    Listed in my signature


    I usually charge cheap depending on complexity of the pack.

    Pre-made Packs




    Custom-made and for sale



    Element Bosses:
    3 bosses, buy each or as a group for cheaper
    Pm me to buy these
    The bosses are the following
    > Ice Boss
    Pack - Fully custom - Everything preset - Fully configurable - Good for event boss - Good for raid boss
    Boss type - Frosty - 3000 health - 9 abilities - abilities change due to health amount
    Melee minion type - Frozen soldier - Small and fast - Freezes player upon attack - Custom particle effect
    Strong support minion type - Ice poof - Explosive ice minion - Custom ice explosive particle

    More to explain soon


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