Mobs keep spawning constantly, when I want them to spawn once

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by FinnJp, Dec 30, 2019.

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    So to explain a bit more, I have a certain mob that spawns these crystals around him that either heal the mob or deal damage to players around the mob.

    My issue here is that once the crystals are spawned, how do I make it that they are only spawned again once those crystals are killed? So, after one of the crystals is killed by the player, after few seconds or so it would appear again? Tbh I'm quite a noob still when it comes to mythic mobs and I'm surprised how I've managed so far with xD.

    All methods I've tried to do this hasn't lead me anywhere, so I've decided to seek help from you guys :D.

    PS: Not sure if there is a post about this already, tried to look it up but couldn't find anything like that.

    Thanks to your time whoever decides to read this :D
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    @FinnJp ,
    If your crystals are a mob, then this should solve your problem. Just add the skill below, to your crystal mob file (under its skills) like so...

    - summon{type=NameofYourCrystalMobHere;amount=1;radius=0;delay=40} @self ~onDeath
    You will need to remove the NameofYourCrystalMobHere and type in YOUR crystal mob name there instead. I set the delay for 40, which is 2 seconds (20 ticks= 1 second), but it can be changed to whatever fits your need.

    Hope this helps!
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