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    * Note: Dark lord its mean to be randomly spawned on survival worlds (the spawn options arent included, just the mob & skills.), anyway if you increase the stats i think he can be a good boss to fight agaisnt :D

    Dark Lord, the Conqueror.

    Dark Lord was once a regular soldier that nobody wanted; he was slow, didnt know how to fight and he only had one friend, his brother.

    But one day, he was tired of all that and he went to the Dark World and requested the Dark King, a entity born from pain to be his right hand, the Dark King acepted and the Dark Lord was born.

    Now the Dark Lord is a very hard to fight land conqueror, he win every battle with his massive army of warriors and conquest it. He also converted his brother into a dark soldier.

    Ingame Dark Lord is a high damage slow mobility miniboss that will cause the player a lot of problems is hes alone!

    Warriors! The main source of damage from the Dark Lord are his warriors, and the player will need to dedice: Do i focus the dark lord or his warriors? Sometimes its really needed to take the right decision, or the price may be your life.

    Skills & Mobs:
    Dark Lord: A lot of damage per hit but hes slow (a lot) hes mean to be fight with a sword, so hes inmune to bows and other things (wither, explosions..). Due to his extreme slow velocity, everytime he hit the player it will apply slowness, when he takes dmg, he will likely spawn warriors to help him on the battle, once you have taken 1/4 of his life out, he will summon elite warrios (they are dangerous!). He also have a Rage Mode and a really hard summon to fight agaisnt when hes really low heal, i preffer you guys to fight agaisnt it first (max vanilla lvl armor & sword recommended), so i wont explain these things here :p

    Warrior: They do most of the job! they prevent you to focus the Dark Lord, but also they dmg the player, they heal themself a bit when attack but also they throw a dark magic projectile! It will slow and blind the player for a second to get even crazier the player.

    Elite Warriors: They are fast, have more heal than normal warriors and a lot more of damage! The only chance you have to take these guys down is only when they are tired (After running some seconds they will slow down).

    There is 1 mob more and 2 different types of warriors more, but i preffer you to fight agains the Dark lord itself and see whos the stronger!

    Can i use the mob?
    Yeah! but be sure to leave a review of it and things you think they can be improved after you have fight it ^^. If it will be used on a server you need to give credit to NextoEsKawaii.

    This mob is free, if you see someone selling it, dont buy it!.

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