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    Hey !

    I'm looking for someone who could make some MythicMobs skills.
    The skills will be used by players against other players/mobs, and are basically the kind of spells you can find in most magic plugins. I already have a some ideas for most of the spells, I just need to have someone actually make them and add some nice visual/sound effects.

    Here are some ideas:
    • Fire circle (A fire [block] circle that grow around the caster) [Cast anywhere]
    • Cloning (Spawn a clone of the player [skin + items] who hit the owner's target [Cast anywhere]
    • Gravity (Create a small blackhole that attrack all mobs/players nearby) [Cast anywhere]
    • Blizzard (An ice projectile [no snowball] who slow the player when hit [Cast anywhere]
    • Dash & clone: (Make the player invisible, spawn a clone who hit the owner's target and blink the player to the target location [including armor])
    • Morph: Transform the target into a small slime for 5 seconds, and applying a weakness debuff
    • Chrono-stop: Make the player invulnerable/untargettable for a few seconds (but prevent him from moving/attacking etc...)
    If you have more ideas, feel free to suggest, with a price !

    Budget: $10-$40 depending of the quality you can provide. Sent via Paypal

    Contact: Jeannen#2613
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    Sent you a friend request

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