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    I'm zDrakon, one of the earliest public faces of MythicMobs. Some people thought I was the developer of this great plugin, never have I claimed such a thing.

    Of course I'm still learning MythicMob's new features, but why the hell not make this thread? I value my time, so don't lowball me. All price negotiation will go underway in discord or skype, and payments can be taken through PAYPAL or BITCOIN.

    Bitcoin is cheaper :p just saying. Anyways my contact info:

    Discord: ⚡ zDrakon ⚡#4392
    Skype: zDrakonCraft

    Also I have a portfolio test server that runs 1.8.8 with a bunch of mobs I've made, but if you're impatient go ahead and view this video showcase of a boss I made recently:
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