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    Hello, I have a Spigot 1.12.2 with Mythic Mobs premium installed. I am working on creating a PVE survival world and need someone who can help setup mobs at various waypoints. For example, one waypoint might be a large lighthouse where you will need to create the trash mobs in front yard, and as you climb the lighthouse more difficult mobs spawn and ultimately there's a boss at the top. I'm not looking for anything crazy custom battles / mobs, just want to get 4-5 waypoints/dungeons that are good for farming xp and unique boss loot. The server has MCMMO and hope to encourage group play.

    Message me with your experience, hourly rate, and any questions. This server is VR friendly and I will be testing your work with my Vive.

    Discord: Tumbles123 #6910

    P.S. I have used MM for about 20 hours and have a fairly technical background, so I have an idea of the scope of the work.

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