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Discussion in 'Server Admin Lounge' started by Blazex, Jun 12, 2017.

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    Nothing has been posted in this section for a while, so I thought I'd post.

    I started a project a while back to build an open dungeon-crawler type of gamemode for players on my server, and I'm thinking of starting it again soon due to the release of MythicArtifacts enabling players to have unique abilities. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for mobs for this dungeon, as it will consist of multiple tiers and is meant to have an adventure aspect to it as well.

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    Well depends,

    If you have some different biomes on your server, than you could include some special mobs/dungeons for each biome. So for a snow biome a possed snowman would be interresting, whereas a desert could be home to a long forgotten pharao.

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    Something I've learned from my testing and tinkering, is some way to challenge OP-gear players and groups of players, without making areas impassable to lesser-geared players.

    Problem: I design a dungeon for 2-3 diamond level players to rank up, and 3-4 diamond+ players are grinding it for easy loot.

    Solution: A way to make mobs react to different numbers of players and adapt with new skills accordingly.

    The main issue is not making hard bosses, its the lesser minions that OP-geared players can smite aside then grind the boss. Obviously this is an ongoing challenge and I don't want to completely make the dungeons ungrindable because then they are boring and disappointing. We also have multiple rank ladders so the scoreboard could be used to track how much power or what rank a player has and then mobs could react based on that.

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