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    I Need Some Help on Mythicmobs Drop Items
    Anyone can help me?
    I am Using Example Mobs And I want them Drop Random Iron ingot/gold ingot between 64to256 every time they die
    i set every thing correct and the chance is 1 and i have only 1 item in drops
    but sometimes they dont drop items [somethims not at all]
    some of the mobs dont drop anything anytime
    i want them drop 64to256 ingot/gold ingot everytime they die
    and the skeletonking minions attack each other , i dont want this
    and how i can change the mob size?
    i try to set size: 10 on options but not worked
    here is my configs


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    I will say that I just got this plugin over the weekend and so don't take anything I say as concrete facts. The option PreventOtherDrops may fix some droptable issues, might want to try enabling that for all the mobs. I was having issues with mobs dropping stuff not in their drop list.

    AITargetSelectors may fix the minions from attacking eachother, but not sure about it. Try looking at that in the tutorial.

    Mob size only works for slimes and magma cubes.

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