Not MythicMobs Bug: Player disguises not loading skin on spawn

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Darkitect, Dec 12, 2018.

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    Enter a brief description of what is broken Player disguises not loading skin on spawn

    What version of Minecraft are you using? 1.13.1

    What server jar are you using? Spigot

    What is this a bug report for? MythicMobs

    What version of the plugin are you using? #2586

    Describe the bug. Be as specific as possible, images or short gifs/videos are welcome but save configuration files for later sections. Write a whole paragraph if needed, help us bug testers replicate your issue!
    When a mob is created with a player disguise, it disguises with the generic Steve or Alex skin. In testing, this only seems to happen when the mob is spawned for the very first time. However, tests on older versions of LibsDisguises and MythicMobs have shown that it can happen again across reboots, so the possibility that this bug may happen again exists.

    LibsDisguises correctly disguises mobs with "/dentity player <playername>" though it takes a second for the skin to load. I believe that MM is simply giving up on loading the skin prematurely if the skin isn't already cached.

    To replicate, create a new mob with a player disguise that you've never used before. When the mob spawns for the first time, it should show only the Steve or Alex skin. On second spawn, the skin should show correctly. Again, just because it seems to be a one-time thing as of now, it doesn't rule out the possibility of it being as problematic in the future as it was prior to the latest plugin updates.

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    MM passes skins entirely to LibsDisguises, it doesn't touch skin caching or anything like that in any way. It just tells LD to apply the disguise.

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