Bug: Excessive vanilla spawning when using MM

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    Enter a brief description of what is broken Excessive vanilla spawning when using MM

    What version of Minecraft are you using? 1.13.1

    What server jar are you using? Spigot

    What is this a bug report for? MythicMobs

    What version of the plugin are you using? 4.5.0

    Describe the bug. Be as specific as possible, images or short gifs/videos are welcome but save configuration files for later sections. Write a whole paragraph if needed, help us bug testers replicate your issue!
    I've replaced all vanilla mobs in 1.13 with a mythicmob in the examplevanilla mobs file. Upon doing this, spawn rates are in the thousands when those mobs spawn throughout the world.
    Some examples:

    All the other configs are defaulted as I've tried bug testing myself to no avail.

    Example Configurations
      Display: '&aChicken &7[Lvl. 1]'
      - command{c="mi drop tool FEATHER <mob.l.w> <mob.l.x> <mob.l.y> <mob.l.z> 80 1-2 0"} @trigger ~onDeath
      - command{c="mi drop tool RAWCHICKEN <mob.l.w> <mob.l.x> <mob.l.y> <mob.l.z> 80 1-1 0"} @trigger ~onDeath
      - skillapi-exp 2 0.8
      - money 1 0.8
        PreventOtherDrops: true
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