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    Hello! I know it has been quite a time, but i was wondering if there is a way to modify the plugin add on to be able to use the /disguisemodify command, which i suspect has no latency.

    What i mean by latency is that whenever a mob gets disguised as a PLAYER (I already have my players and skins configured), it turns invisible for a few moments, and then the reskinned playe appears to be teleported from a random location, usually below earth. I wanted to use the option disguisemodify to use a setSwimming true on a player, so it kind of looks as casting something more interesting. It works with this command, but since the plugin interprets this as a new disguise, i suspect that makes the invisibility problem happen everytime the disguise 'changes'.

    I suggest adding "advdmod" could improve things like this, since i saw there was no 'latency' when using the command /dmod on myself instead of reconfiguring a totally new disguise.

    Thanks :D

    PD: was trying to inspect the jar file but im using mac and also i know nothing about coding so... xd

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