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  1. yeungkachun
  2. xxRbradyivxx
    Version: V 1.1
    It's a pretty badass boss but sadly it keeps crashing my, and everyone else's game when we try to fight him so until there's a solution for this I can only give it three stars
    1. Awesome_Dante
      Author's Response
      Interesting I thought V1.1 was supposed to solve the crash bug. I'll talk to the author
  3. Guilherme Borges
    Guilherme Borges
    Version: v 1.0
    Nice boss amazing for RPG items.
    (Just a question, I bought the pack but if i loose the file i have to pay for it again? because i dont see an option of download just to purchase again)
    1. Awesome_Dante
      Author's Response
      No sir, once purchased you have it forever. I use a 3rd party payment gateway. This website cannot tell if you actually purchased the resource unfortunately. Just click the buy button again and be sure to log in with the same email you bought the resource with and you wont need to pay again. You can always reach me if you are still having trouble. Glad you enjoyed him! ^_^
  4. Kisaki
    Version: v1.239
    I loved this addon before and I love it more today. You guys are awesome!