[Mob Pack] Buguser's Dungeon Mob Pack ⚔ 1.13 and 1.12 supported! V. 1.3

24 dangerous monsters for your dungeons! Optional random mob spawners included.

  1. Added 3 new mobs and removed unnecessary code ❤

    Dungeon Mob Pack V. 1.3
    And another update for you! :p

    + Fire Spider (SpiderFire)
    + Fire Spiderling (SpiderlingFire)
    + Fire Spider Egg (SpiderEggFire)
    * Everything tested on v4.6.0
    - Removed unnecessary code
    - Removed Herobrine

    Have fun!
  2. Fixed some bugs (random skills on newer versions) ❤

    Dungeon Mob Pack V. 1.2.1
    Nothing special today, just some bug fixes.

    * Bug fixes
    - removed MACOSX folder
    - removed Herobrine
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  3. Now 1.13 and 1.12 Supported! + Random Mob Spawner Sample :)

    Dungeon Mob Pack V. 1.2
    Now 1.13 and 1.12 supported!

    + Random Mob Spawner Sample (Suggested by @gaxmaster24)
    Fixed Equipment Selector Skills (Thanks @ApocalypseZenny for reporting this)
    * Orc Archers can now use their "Fire...
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  4. Added new mob 'Wraith Exploder' and overworked the Spider Eggs + Spiderlings!

    Dungeon Mob Pack V. 1.1
    A small update for you :)

    + Added Wraith Exploder
    * Overworked Spiderlings
    * Overworked Spider Eggs
    - Removed Herobrine