mmSkriptAddon 0.92a

a Skript addon 4 MythicMobs support

  1. BerndiVader
    MythicMobs Skript Addon
    for MythicMobs 4.0.1 Release or higher

    First, yes i know i posted it as thread somewhere here but hey i finally learned how to add resources so why not, makes it better to inform about updates and stuff.....

    Make your own SkillMechanics or Conditions or work with with the MythicSpawners or the ActiveMobs, or whatever.

    Download it from git. For syntax and stuff look at the readme at git.

Recent Reviews

  1. Kingofmatrix
    Version: 0.81a

    That is what missed in mythicmobs. i can do extra awesome particles.

    Keeep work!