MMOItems ManaAndStamina 1.2.4

Add mana and stamina without the need of an extra RPG core plugin.

  1. Indyuce

    This addon requires MMOItems to work.​

    MMOItems ManaAndStamina is a simple addon which implements two RPG resources that you can use to improve your items. They can both be used to add resources costs to your items and abilities.

    You must NOT install this addon if you are already running a RPG core plugin. MMOItems will not function correctly if you however try to.

    This addon automatically hooks onto PlaceholderAPI if detected when the server starts.
    • %mana_mana%
    • %mana_stamina%
    • %mana_mana_regen%
    • %mana_stamina_regen%
    • %mana_mana_bar%
    • %mana_stamina_bar%
    • %mana_max_mana%
    • %mana_max_stamina%

    • Grab that sweet jar file and install it just like a regular server plugin.
    • This addon implements three new item stats: Max Stamina, Stamina Regen and Mana Regen. Since they are not default stats, you must slightly update your MMOItems config files. Add this to your current language/stats.yml config:
      max-stamina: '&7■ Max Stamina: &f<plus>#'
      mana-regen: '&7■ Mana Regeneration: &f<plus>#'
      stamina-regen: '&7■ Stamina Regeneration: &f<plus>#'
    • Add this to your current language/lore-format.yml config:
      - '#max-stamina#'
      - '#mana-regen#'
      - '#stamina-regen#'

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