[Mechanics] Portable Mob Arena - Wave Based Random Event! 1.0

Mob Arena on the go! Wave based system that can be random spawned in your world!

  1. Michael Strast
    Hi there. My name's Mike!
    I have finally put some finishing touches on an absolutely revolutionary mechanic that allows you to have a portable mob arena on your server!. This system can be thrown out as an egg, or made into a random spawn so your players will be able to find the arenas out in the wild! Think "Destiny" style random events.

    The code is somewhat complex, but it doesn't take too long to figure it out. You can add your own monsters and waves as well, but I recommend using the default waves until you discover how the system works. The code is commented to help you understand the mechanics.

    1. Portable Arena mechanics
    2. Starter default monsters that get more difficult with each wave.
    3. 3 Waves plus a Boss round
    4. Reward system
    5. Random Spawn file so your players can find them on long treks through the wilderness.

    Below is a video of the system by Awesome_Dante. Thanks man!

    Dante's Mobscore tutorial:

Recent Reviews

  1. MrSqueak
    Version: 1.0
    I love the idea! I wished it was 1.13.2 compatible... so I REWROTE IT! It's now 1.13.2 compatible and will be searchable under MrSqueak Portable Arena RECODED
  2. Awesome_Dante
    Version: 1.0
    Great system by a great up and coming author. Price is well worth it in my opinion.