Infro's Dormheim Pipeline RaidPack 2.6

10 Bosses, more than 20 mobs, raid building and 2k lines of skills

  1. Readme update

    - Updated readme file according to the recent updates
    - Reorginized the archive's folders
  2. Item bug fix

    - Removed item attributes that cause Internal Server Exception
  3. Critical bug hot fix

    Due to several changes in MM I've replaced changing follow range mechanic. It doesn't break mobs, but it is necessary for server and client not to crash. Full fix and impovement will be later
  4. Critical bug fix

    - Added new structure for MC1.13.2. The old one is incompatible with 1.13.2 and can cause server or client crashes.

    For updates please join my Discord:
  5. Fix for non coordinates version and more

    - Fixed "Could not find Abstract Skill" error when spawning Enslaved Slimes
    - Fixed "Config Error for Drop" for old item types and missing drop tables
    - Fixed error which cause slimes to be silent
  6. Support for 1.13.2 and more

    - Fixed errors in some particles effect mechanics
    - Fixed error in names for items in equip mechanics
    - Added missing items
    - Replaced ids with their respective names
    - Added support for Minecraft 1.13.2
  7. Release, fixing skins and more

    - blazeMinionPipeline can now fly using more smooth trajectory
    - Updates skins for Lieutenant Gaskan, Flamion Igneous, Elite Guard
    - Updated the archive comment
  8. Fix for 'non coordinates' version of pack which doesn't use command blocks to close players

    - 2 new skills added to summon running away players

    *This version doesn't contain description with Terms of Use in archive. All Terms from the past version are valid for this.*
  9. Raid structure fixes, update for README file and more

    - Fixed boss room of Flamion Igneous where players could stuck in water under the floor
    - Fixed skin of Laslo Saboteur and Overlord Slake
    - Edited coordinates of schematic with raid structure to paste at. Now there is a decimal point in two coordinates. Be attentive.
    - Nerfed regeneration of Overlord Slake for all variants of his skills.
    - Corrected the numbering of bosses inside mobs files.

    *This version doesn't contain description with Terms of Use in archive. All Terms from the past...
  10. Special Edition

    - Added Mobs files and Skills files containing nerfed stats for bosses. This is useful for servers where the best armor is Protection 4.