Infro's Dormheim Pipeline RaidPack 2.6

10 Bosses, more than 20 mobs, raid building and 2k lines of skills

  1. Infro
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
    • MythicMobsExtension
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    History upon the Raid Pack
    The more and more known Cult of the Damned has started invasion on Northern Kingdom - Dormheim. The King Nave I and Commander of Guard Ritchie are running several defensive missions to liberate the main Citadel. A locally famous hero Ashton Carter is carrying out his own mission to spy the Cult. He gathered several facts that lead to the presence of Dark Army in the city pipeline. Diversionists are preparing to blow dungeons of Dormheim and ruin the entire kingdom. Only 3 random heroes can save the situation, but will mister Carter be able to find them?

    RaidPack Content:
    - Skills
    - Items
    - Mobs
    - Structures

    Latest supported versions:

    - MineCraft 1.14.4
    - MythicMobs 4.6.5

    Mobs and Bosses:
    There are 40+ mobs that are serving different roles: trash mobs, bosses, skill runners, markers etc

    The total number of bosses is 10. Here is the description of all of them:

    1.Engineer Enoch
    Technician and powerful steam engineer who serves the Cult’s mission. He can blow high temperature steam in his enemies and boil their skin in steam swirls.

    2.Laslo Saboteur
    Captain of miners squad. Performs TNT planting in pipeline with his minions. Among his abilities there are Blast Attack and Reactive Glide.

    3-4.Lieutenant Gaskan and Commander of Diversion Squad Hagan
    Gaskan is a head advisor of commander Hagan. They both work on the plan of effective destruction of Dormheim dungeons. It's a strong duet and needs non-typical tactic to defeat them.

    5-7.Darkest Mage Yanssen/Flamion Igneous/Kasgard the Master of Masks
    This tripple is support bringers team. One is a mysterious unpredictable mage whose main abbility is to duplicate himself and confuse his enemies. The other is lord of fire summoning magma cubes, healing with fire and ashening everything with flame swirls. The last, but not the worst is master of disguising. You can defeat them in any order you would like.

    8.Enslaved Slime Elemental
    Giant Slime who was cursed, chained to server Cult. His abbilities are slimeball spitting and summoning smal slime minions.

    The most unknown character and servant of Cult. He is a right hand of Overlord. His job is to handle the wet work and keep his master undisturbed. He is a powerful mage with an ability to mask nearest blocks as portals and make his enemies stuck in them. He also can shoot a dark ball.

    10.Overlord Slake

    Head, Master, The Lord of Cult of the Damned. He has several skills to make hostiles suffer. Soulstealing, mindcracking, shooting meteors with dangerous puddles being created on hit, summoning crystals that make him invulnerable and so on.







    Terms of Use:

    1)You are not allowed to sell, share, claim as yours these files
    2)The author is not responsible for server or client crashes occured while using this pack
    3)You understand the possible complexity of this pack and have no complaints about this
    4)You may use it only on the servers that belongs to you(your team)
    5)The author is not responsible for changes that were made with this pack by customers
    6)Terms of Use can be changed in any time.
    7)The author has his right to stop supporting all versions of Mob Pack/ Raid Pack that were released during older Minecraft versions. (This basically means that author can stop posting bug fixes and support customers if the pack version was posted during MC version X.X.X and now its a version higher than X.X.X)

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