Infro's DarkEstate - Raid - Structure, Mobs and Skills 1.4

Cult of the Damned that captured the old Estate is looking for ancient lore

  1. Support for 1.13.2 and more

    - Added support for Minecraft 1.13.2
    - Added missing items to Items config file
    - Replaced conflicting ids to their respective names
  2. Drops fix and more

    - Removed unused drops from droplist in mobs config
    (Thanks to user - kowa)
    - Added tips inside the archive comment
  3. Minor changes

    - Edited coordinates in archive comments. Now everyone should paste schematic at the right location.
  4. Spawners and readme

    - Added description to archive with all files of RaidPack describing installation process and Terms of Use - Replaced Warmup for all spawners with Cooldown - Increased Y coordinates of all spawners, so the mobs won't fall through the floor