Infro's DarkEstate - Raid - Structure, Mobs and Skills 1.4

Cult of the Damned that captured the old Estate is looking for ancient lore

  1. Infro
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
    History upon the mobpack:
    A so called Cult of the Damned that recently started invasion on most known strongholds, fortresses and cities finally captured the old Estate of long forgotten mage. They are looking for an ancient scrolls which will give them more power. The only one who can stop this terror are 2 random heroes. But who is going to take their place?


    Content of the mobpack archive:
    - Self-built structure provided by player paBELKA
    - Items pack which contains recommended armor and rewards for finishing the raid adventure
    - Mobs pack which obviously contains mobs that are present in raid

    - Skills pack for bosses and mobs

    Latest supported versions:
    - MineCraft 1.13.2
    - MythicMobs 4.5.9

    This mobpack consists of several mobs and skills that were written during early MythicMobs experience. Never the less, the bosses and minions have different skills like buffs, debuffs, AOE attacks, teleportation and summoning skills, effects and particles and so on.

    How to install:
    0)Always backup your MythicMobs folder server_folder/plugins/MythicMobs/
    1)Download the archive
    2)Read the README.txt file
    3)Put DarkEstateStructure to server_folder/plugins/WorldEdit/schematics
    4)Put DarkEstateMobs to server_folder/plugins/MythicMobs/Mobs
    5)Put DarkEstateItems to server_folder/plugins/MythicMobs/Items
    6)Put DarkEstateSkills to server_folder/plugins/MythicMobs/Skills
    7)(Optional)Create a new world using MultiVerse-Core plugin
    8)Since bosses are closing bossroom using minecraft setblock command the raid structure should be paste accurately at following coordinates:
    -2295.5 63 286.5
    9)(Optional)If you don't want to spend your time for this, you can comment the skills containing "open" and "close" words in their names. Also comment teleportToLast skill, which is used by "teleportator".
    10)Reload MythicMobs using /mm reload
    11)(Optional)If you followed step 8, put spawners from Spawners folder to server_folder/plugins/MythicMobs/Spawner or create spawners by yourself
    12)Reload the plugin again

    Terms of use:
    1)You are not allowed to sell, share, claim as yours these files
    2)The author is not responsible for server or client crashes occured while using this pack
    3)You understand the possible complexity of this pack and have no complaints about this
    4)You may use it only on the servers that belongs to you(your team)
    5)The author is not responsible for changes that were made with this pack by customers
    6)Terms of Use can be changed in any time.
    7)The author has his right to stop supporting all versions of Mob Pack/ Raid Pack that were released during older Minecraft versions. (This basically means that author can stop posting bug fixes and support customers if the pack was released during MC version X.X.X and now its a version higher that X.X.X)

    This project will be continiously updated with bug fixes(if present).

    Also, leave your ratings and comments.


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Recent Updates

  1. Support for 1.13.2 and more
  2. Drops fix and more
  3. Minor changes

Recent Reviews

  1. kamziksvk1
    Version: 1.2
    Very good resource, which include also a raid schematic! Maybe in the future you can place a wool where should have spawners been places to easy setup on different positions! :) keep up the good work
  2. kowa
    Version: 1.2
    Love this! I've learned a lot from this pack, thank you for this!

    Couple questions though (having some issues):
    1. Some of the mobs are setup to drop, what looks like to be droptables, items... was there suppose to be a droptable.yml or is it in another pack? For example, there is a drop called "EndderPortalMobsDrops" which looks like it needs a droptable.yml... Do I need the premium version or something else to make these work?
    2. When spawning in the structure the village NPC spawns with it. I assume this is where you trade the sugarTokens? However, it's not setup to do this, just wondering why or if this is suppose to happen?
    1. Infro
      Author's Response
      1. This is a mistake maybe I will post and updat if so
      2. Villager inside is something I did on my server for the Raid to look more authentic. SugarTokens are made for trade. I thought I could use sugar instead of nether bricks, but realised the second was better variant. There is no mob envisaged to trade for sugarTokens. This is just an option I made for server admins to have an oppurtunity to setup trades for successful completion of the raid.
  3. Dracathio
    Version: 1.2
    Just wondering where to find the loot table file. Other than that great download thank you.
  4. G4stavoM1ster
    Version: 1.2
    Omg, this is great!
  5. Darkvogeltje
    Version: 1.2
    works great!