Infro_'s World Bosses Pack 2.0

50 Abilities, more than 30 mobs and 153 Skills

  1. Huge improvements, fixes and older versions compatibility

    -Added support for older versions starting from MC 1.8.8 (tested on Spigot)!!!
    - Fixed particles animation to play too fast
    Demented Druid Balton:
    - Fixed Balton Skin
    - Better minions AI
    - Removed excessive configuration lines and issues with equipment
    - Adjusted the amount of spawning minions
    - Fixed incorrect texture of "living blocks" minions
    - Adjusted the cooldown for summon skills
    Supreme Mage Allister:
    - Fixed skins for Supreme Mage Allister and his minions
    - Cleaned...
  2. Fixes for critical issues:

    - Fire Shaman Brann’s minion skill not found
    - Incorrect skill configuration causing issues with the pack
  3. Fire Shaman Brann fixes:

    - Incorrect targeting of 5 randompoints and to fast particles movement of projectile mechanic
    - Incorrect particles configurations of main attack
    - Blazes minions AI and speed
    - Puddles spawning, AI, visibility and animation
    - Removed unused or excessive properties
    - Optimized 6 skills which cause a bit fps drop
  4. Support for 1.13.2 and more

    - Fixed errors in skills of Lars Wavetalker
    - Fixed missing items and names
    - Replaced ids with their respective names
    - Added support for Minecraft 1.13.2
  5. Skins and mob types fix

    - Added new skins for all bosses. (Tell me if they are not working)
    - Changed all mob types for bosses. Now the should not burn on day light.
  6. Skills fixes and translations and more

    - Fixed cases when blocks were not unmasking
    - Fixed world time change when the player was fighting High Mage Allister
    - Action messages of High Mage Allister were translated
    - Added 2 files in pack archive for server owners who want to adjust bosses' damage. Be careful those are not well tested.
  7. AI and lags fix

    - Reduced amount of lags at the beginning of boss fights
    - Fixed bosses AI. Now they are attacking players without being previously hit.
    - Fixed few minions AI. Same as above.
  8. Mobs file issues

    - Fixed error when the WorldBosses.yml wasn'y loading because of syntax error