Infro_'s World Bosses Pack 2.1

50 Abilities, more than 30 mobs and 153 Skills

  1. Infro
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
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    History upon the Raid Pack
    Five known villains that have a power of all five elements of nature are now threatening the entire world. Each of them is a master of his force of nature and knows everything about it. They have their cruel plan and strong will to execute it. Would you be to stop them?

    RaidPack Content:
    - Skills
    - Items
    - Mobs
    - Structure

    Latest supported versions:
    - MineCraft 1.14.4
    - Additional pack version compatible with 1.8.8
    - MythicMobs 4.6.5

    Mobs and Bosses:
    There are 38 mobs, bosses and technical mobs such as markers or puddle creators.

    The total number of bosses is 5. Each of them has 10 abilities. One ability is a main attack, 9 of the others are stage abilities. Bosses have 3 stages depending on their health. Each stage has 3 abilities. Here is a list of bosses:

    1.Fire Shaman Brann (Fire Element)
    2.Demented Druid Balton Woodcryer (Earth Element)
    3.Lady Tairis Windwhisper (Air Element)
    4.Lars Wavetalker (Water Element)
    5.Supreme Mage Allister (Magic Element)
    Here is a list of all 50 abilities that bosses have:
    1)Puddles made of small mobs
    2)Storm and meteors
    3)Swirls that shoot waterballs
    4)Random summon of puddles
    5)Random summon of swirls that work like puddles
    6)Summon of flying minions that shoot projectiles
    7)Disguised as vex minion
    8-12)Blockmask relatively to role
    13)Five balls in random directions
    14-18)Summon minions relatively to role
    19)Main attack: jump with effect and damage
    20)Main attack: pull with effect and damage
    21)Main attack: consequently shoot with 3 projectiles
    22)Main attack: particleline with damage
    23)Hail of Arrows
    24)Massive and with repeats shooting in constant directions
    25)As 24 but at players
    26)Summon healing forces
    27)Fire meteors that summon minions on hit
    28)Summon friendly ANGRY mobs
    29)Wind in sector
    30)Main attack: fireballs from above
    31)Damage to all who stands on grass or dirt
    32)Damage to all who stands too close to boss
    33)Damage to target if it's not gliding on elytra
    34)Space distortion: blockmasks and server time
    35)Scream of nature: change of weather, earthquake, lightning etc
    36)Giant debuff puddles with 3 small buff puddles
    37)Damage with effect to everyone who is on line of sight
    38)Damage with effect to everyone who is in sector of sight
    39)Mass damage if at leats 1 player is not crouching
    40)Health steal
    41)Throw players
    42)Throw in sector
    43)Throw with damage in radius of several blocks
    44)Soul-steal(bsed on sudoskill and missile)
    45)Summon minions that buff boss
    46)Summon slow minions that give negative potion effects to nearest players
    47)Summon buff from earth
    48)Boss is invincible until minions are dead
    49)Puddle which stops players
    50)Disguised as flowers(or similar) minions


    Terms of Use:

    1)You are not allowed to sell, share, claim as yours these files
    2)The author is not responsible for server or client crashes occured while using this pack
    3)You understand the possible complexity of this pack and have no complaints about this
    4)You may use it only on the servers that belongs to you(your team)
    5)The author is not responsible for changes that were made with this pack by customers
    6)Terms of Use can be changed in any time.
    7)The author has his right to stop supporting all versions of Mob Pack/ Raid Pack that were released during older Minecraft versions. (This basically means that author can stop posting bug fixes and support customers if the pack was released during MC version X.X.X and now its a version higher that X.X.X)

    Be nice and report bugs at Resource page or at Discord:

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    You can purchase bundle containing 4 of my premium resources with a 30% discount here.
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    Please leave your rating and a comment in discuss section.


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Recent Reviews

  1. paBELKA
    Version: 1.5
    Very nice and practical bosspack. Friendly developer
  2. cvcocvc
    Version: 1.5
    Single skill type
    And it consumes server performance
    1. Infro
      Author's Response
      What do you mean by "single skill type"? Can u provide some information about "consuming server performance"? If you want you can contact me via Discord on my server
  3. dbzmelvin
    Version: 1.3
    Nice Mobpack just love it :)