Infro_'s Random Spawn Mobs Pack 1.4

Simple and perfect solution for randomly spawning mobs on your server.

  1. Infro
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
    • MythicMobsExtension
    Purpose of the Mob Pack
    This pack is brilliant idea for those who want to add simple and interesting mobs at the same time to spawn across the server world. It brings several mobs and bosses with different spawning conditions and chances. It is perfectly diversifing players' everyday gameplay by forcing theme to fight unusual mob with advanced abilities.
    Special features
    For the great user experience it was made possible for any server administrator to adjust any mobs damage conditions easily. Skills and mobs files are commented where necessary to give a note where a certain action with configuration can be performed.

    Pack Content:
    - Skills
    - Items
    - Mobs
    - Random Spawners

    Latest supported versions:
    - MineCraft 1.14.4(MC 1.13.2 with MMExtension)
    - MythicMobs 4.6.5

    Mobs and Bosses:
    The pack contains 7 mobs:
    - 3 bosses
    - 4 advanced mobs

    1. King Anak
    Boss. King of pirates. Fires blast projectiles and grenades. Summons servants.

    2. Pirate Evoker
    Advanced mob. Special evoker with a fancy AI and additional ranged skill.

    3. Anak's Servant
    Advanced mob. Anak's servant which only appers at a call of his lord and fires fireballs.

    4. Polar King
    Boss. Beasty king with a strong melee skills and effects.

    5. Polar Guardian
    Advanced mob. Spawns independently from the polar king with a higher chance. Agile and Dangerous.
    6. Kraken

    Boss. Terror of the ocean deeps. Spawns only in oceans. Has a several abilities with custom effects. It is better to fight in group.
    [sorry no image]
    7. Sea dragon
    Advanced mob. Spawns in oceans as a Kraken. Melee mob with a nice damaging skill.
    [sorry no image]

    Terms of Use:

    1)You are not allowed to sell, share, claim as yours these files
    2)The author is not responsible for server or client crashes occured while using this pack
    3)You understand the possible complexity of this pack and have no complaints about this
    4)You may use it only on the servers that belongs to you(your team)
    5)The author is not responsible for changes that were made with this pack by customers
    6)Terms of Use can be changed in any time.
    7)The author has his right to stop supporting all versions of Mob Pack/ Raid Pack that were released during older Minecraft versions. (This basically means that author can stop posting bug fixes and support customers if the pack was released during MC version X.X.X and now its a version higher than X.X.X)

    Be nice and report bugs at Resource page or at Discord:

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