Creeper Vanilla. 2018-04-26

Replace creeper vanilla by 4 different creeper.

Tags:  creeper 
  1. jonas
    Hi all.

    This is my first contribution. You will be able to find for your survival server, a creeper that will replace your vanilla creeper and that will have a chance to turn into a creeper loaded, scared, super or stay a normal creeper.


    Thank you for your likes.
    If you have suggestions do not hesitate to post.
    My sharing is free, you can use it, modify it, improve it at your convenience.
    Because this is a simple base for me does not come back to me since I am not the creator of the plugin. ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. Lenitra
    Version: 2018-04-26
    Excellent !
  2. pinkpig3777
    Version: 2018-04-26
    1. jonas
      Author's Response
      Hey, no problem ;)
      This is a basic mob. Hope that can help you.