12 Masters Pack | Malorn - Master of Body Manipulation 1.0

Master of Body Manipulation, a fun addon mob for any RPG server.

  1. cvcocvc
    Version: 1.0
    The purchase was successful, but the download address in the email is invalid! Very bad shopping!
    1. Barney
      Author's Response
      I am sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties, but you are the first to experience this. I am confused as to why you did not try to contact me on discord for support first, which is where I am mostly active. If you did not get the download as I said before, add me on discord -> Efeskew#7610 for the download. Also the platform that I am selling my mobs on is telling me that you've already downloaded this, in fact 3 times. The maximum amount of times you can download this is 3 times, which is why I have a support discord so my customers can download it unlimited amounts of times in there.