12 Masters Pack | Malorn - Master of Body Manipulation 1.0

Master of Body Manipulation, a fun addon mob for any RPG server.

  1. Barney
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
    • MythicMobsExtension
    Name: Malorn (You can change the name)

    Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | MythicmobsExtension | LibsDisguises

    Description: Malorn is the master of body manipulation. She will give you quite a challenge to fight, she can control your body and make you her living puppet.

    - HP: 550 (You can change the health)
    - Damage: 4 (You can change this)
    - Weakness: Ranged
    - Movement Speed: 0.28 (You can change this)


    - Body Control > Has full control of your body and impairs the movement of the target, breaking some of their bones, damaging them.

    - Neutralize > Shoots out a ray and if it comes into contact with a target the target is slowed and blinded.

    - Puppetry > Malorn plays with you like a puppet. Pulling you to her and throwing you over and over again. Target is damaged when this is in play.

    - Impaired Arms > Breaks the targets' arm temporarily making them unable to melee attack for 5 seconds.


    - Neutralized Bodies > Impairs every players' movements near Malorn.


    - none

    - Senseable
    - Prevent other drops, item pickup and, random equipment
    - auto despawn: true
    - Cool particle effects to some skills that it has

    NOTE: Everything in this mob is customizable -- I am not a person to assist with ANY help on how to change everything, but on this website they can help you out a lot. MY ASSISTANCE will not be guaranteed to help you change all the damage, health, names, drops, etc.

    YOU can only pay through paypal

    This Mob should work 1.9-above (if not please contact me)

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Recent Reviews

  1. cvcocvc
    Version: 1.0
    The purchase was successful, but the download address in the email is invalid! Very bad shopping!
    1. Barney
      Author's Response
      I am sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties, but you are the first to experience this. I am confused as to why you did not try to contact me on discord for support first, which is where I am mostly active. If you did not get the download as I said before, add me on discord -> Efeskew#7610 for the download. Also the platform that I am selling my mobs on is telling me that you've already downloaded this, in fact 3 times. The maximum amount of times you can download this is 3 times, which is why I have a support discord so my customers can download it unlimited amounts of times in there.