12 Masters Pack | Jal - Master of Mind Play 1.0

Master of Mind Play, a fun addon mob for any RPG server.

  1. Barney
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
    • MythicMobsExtension
    Name: Jal (You can change the name)

    Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | MythicmobsExtension | LibsDisguises

    Description: Jal is the master of mind play. Jal will dig into your memories and torture you with your darkest memories. He will also make you see things that are not there.

    - HP: 750 (You can change the health)
    - Damage: 8 (You can change this)
    - Weakness: Ranged
    - Movement Speed: 0.28 (You can change this)


    - Zap > Shoots a purple beam into your body and makes you blinded and slowed.

    - Mind Field > Traps you in a field of illusions, making you see things. This will damage you and wither you giving you tons of debuffs.

    - Impaired Minds > Attaches a purple line to players in the radius of 10 and damages them, healing Jal because Jal feeds on their turmoil.

    - Illusion > Blinds the target and makes the target see huge giants around him/her damaging them.

    - Despair > Blinds the target and damages them over time, swapping places with Jal.


    - Consuming Turmoil > Jal heals for a certain percentage of his health.


    - none

    - Senseable
    - Prevent other drops, item pickup and, random equipment
    - auto despawn: true
    - Cool particle effects to some skills that it has

    NOTE: Everything in this mob is customizable -- I am not a person to assist with ANY help on how to change everything, but on this website they can help you out a lot. MY ASSISTANCE will not be guaranteed to help you change all the damage, health, names, drops, etc.

    YOU can only pay through paypal

    This Mob should work 1.9-above (if not please contact me)

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