12 Masters Pack | Includes All 12 Masters ⬛ 1.1.12

Includes all the 12 masters in one pack

  1. Barney
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
    • MythicMobsExtension
    Name: Zufau (You can change the name) [Master of Balance]


    - Orb of Eternity > Ascends the target from the ground covering them in an orange orb, smiting them many times, damaging them.

    - Call of the Flame Realm > Opens a veil from the fire realm to his current world. Flaming warriors will exit from the veil and attack anyone in their way.

    - Transformation: Loki > Combines the power of transformation and trickery making clones of himself, confusing the target.

    - Undead Forgery > Combines the power of forgery and undead, rising undead soldiers with good armor on.

    - Impaired Atmosphere > Combines the power of body manipulation and mind play, creating an atmosphere where players cannot move to well, damaging them and spurring out their bones as an illusion. This also makes the target spin.

    - Spirit Blade Ascension > Combines the power of uncontrollable strength and swordplay, slashes the air with a spirit blade so powerfully it goes towards a target. If it hits, Zufau will leap very quicky to kick the targets' legs and impair their movement temporarily.

    - World Tree of Despair > Combines the power of living beings and dark magic, creating a huge tree made of particles. Any players near the tree will be withered and pulled in slowly, being entangled and not being able to move freely.

    - Conjoined Elements > Combines all the elements with the power of Zufau. He throws out an ancient spirit ring, if it hits a target, the target will be marked and stunned, during the time the target is stunned they will suffer from Fire, Earth, Lightning, and Wind damage. As Zufau roars out waves of cutting wind.

    - Mark of the Gods > Marks a target and giving them a negative affect every 5 seconds 6 times.


    - Immunity > Has a chance to heal himself giving him resistance.


    Name: Xaku (You can change the name) [Master of Transformation]


    - Transformation: Gamosh-ra > Transforms into a vessel form of the Lightning Demon Gamosh-ra.

    - Lightning Spear > Shoots out a lightning spear damaging an enemy it comes in contact with.

    - Lightning Aura > Surrounds self with static energy, damaging and slowing nearby enemies.

    - Lightning Body Zoom > Dashes swiftly to a target damaging them.

    - Lightning Demise > Summons an orb of lightning that grows and follows a target.

    - Transformation: Aamon > Transforms into a vessel form of the Fire Demon Aamon.

    - Bright Flames > Leaps into the air sending heatwaves below, burning and damaging enemies.

    - Walls of Hell > Creates 4 flaming walls, damaging and burning any enemies that come in contact with the tip of it.

    - Blazing Orb > Creates an orb of flames and encircles a radius in flames, burning and damaing nearby enemies.

    - Chains of Despair > Latches chains to nearby enemies dragging them in while damaging them.

    - Transformation: Barbatos > Transforms into a vessel form of the Communication Demon Barabtos.

    - Mind Clutter > Applies slowness, blindness, and confusion to nearby enemies.

    - Curse of the Dead Minds > Damages and makes the enemy "fear" Xaku, as Xaku heals, consuming the fear of the enemies. Enemies are debuffed and damaged while this is happening.

    - Beam of Remembrance > Shoots a beam and when it hits an enemy, they will be slowed and blinded.

    - Illusion Curse > Makes the enemy see things and damages the enemy.


    - Smite > Has a chance to strike lightning upon enemies.

    - Burn > Ignites nearby enemies.

    - Confusion > Gives nausea to nearby enemies.


    Name: Lukia (You can change the name) [Master of Living Things]


    - Live Tree > Summons hostile tree-looking mobs to do her bidding.

    - Parrot Frenzy > Summons parrots to attack ferociously at a target.

    - Breathen Tree > Summons a tree made of particles and shoots out roots, pulling in hit enemies.

    - Nature's Realm > Creates a very green arena and poisons//damages nearby enemies.


    - Nature's Blessing > Has a chance to heal herself and poisons whoever hits her.


    Name: Yukan (You can change the name) [Master of Elements]


    - Lightning Discharge > Sends waves of lightning and throws//damages nearby enemies.

    - Hellish Desires > Sends flaming waves towards all directions, burning and damaging enemies caught in this wave.

    - Orb of the Water Spirits > Creates an orb of water and sits inside the orb, pushing any nearby enemies, healing himself.

    - Earthquake > Sends rippling waves of cracks in the ground throwing and damaging nearby enemies.

    - Elemental Master... > Shoots out many projectiles of many mixed elements.


    - Time Lord's Blessing > Has a chance to decrease skill cooldowns.


    Name: Torb (You can change the name) [Master of Forgery]


    - Incinerate > Masks the ground with magma and burns enemies overtime.

    - Strength of the Forge God > Gains intense speed and attack damage, while burning out 10 seconds after.

    - Slash > Creates a cutting wave with a battleaxe.

    - Forge God's Blessing > Sends a meteor of flames damaging nearby enemies as the meteor touches the ground.


    - Absorb > Has a chance to absorb damage and release a heatwave damaging and burning nearby enemies.


    Name: Uki (You can change the name) [Master of Trickery]


    - Imitation > Takes the form of his target.

    - Mark of the Trickery Gods > Marks an enemy, and makes them bleed while teleporting to the marked target many times.

    - Confusion of Minds > Switches locations of every enemy nearby... Even allies.

    - Curse Mark of the Dead > Creates a circle of death whilst making nearby enemies take damage overtime with slowness and weakness.


    - Dash > Has a chance to dash to a random location.

    - Cloak of the Undead > Has a chance to gain resistance.


    Name: Jal (You can change the name) [Master of Mind Play]


    - Zap > Shoots a projectile giving blindness and slowness if it hits a target.

    - Mind Field > Creates an area where every nearby enemy gets slowed, blinded, and withered, while taking damage.

    - Impaired Minds > Creates a chain of darkness, latching onto nearby enemies and damaging them, healing himself from eating away at the targets' memories and thoughts.

    - Illusion > Makes the enemy see things an damages them overtime.

    - Despair > Damages nearby enemies overtime greatly, with debuffs.


    - Mindful Meal > Has a chance to heal himself.


    Name: Agrath (You can change the name) [Master of Swordplay]


    - Sweeping Slashes > Slashes the air and sends a cutting wave to an enemy.

    - Dancing Blade > Sends multiple cuts of waves to the enemy, damaging them greatly if hit and has a chance to leap at the enemy.

    - Blades of Eternity > Makes a bladestorm and afterwards, sending many blades towards a target.

    - Deep Cut > Attacks a target and makes them bleed over time.


    - Empowering Blades > Has a chance to give himself strength.


    Name: Scor (You can change the name) [Master of the Undead]


    - Undead Minions > Summons undead minions to do scor's bidding attacking any enemies nearby.

    - Undead Warriors > Summons undead warrios to do scor's bidding attacking any enemies nearby.

    - Dark Minion > Summons a dark minion to do scor's bidding attacking any enemies nearby.

    - Undead Healing > Latches on a link with his undead minions and then stars to heal all of the undead minions that scor has summoned.


    - Arise > Resurrects a player that scor has defeated and makes them his own minion.


    Name: Zakuru (You can change the name) [Master of Darkness]


    - Death Orb > Creates an orb made of darkness above himself, charging it and then launching it towards a target.

    - Purge > Kills every living thing around him (nature) and damages//withers nearby enemies.

    - Chains of Darkness > Chains down nearby enemies with chains made of darkness, pulling them to himself while damaging them and withering them away.

    - Oblivion > Damages nearby enemies greatly overtime and applies wither, slowness, blindness, and confusion to nearby enemies.


    - Grim Reaper's Helping Hand > Has a chance to heal himself when casting a skill.


    Name: Bufu (You can change the name) [Master of Uncontrollable Strength]


    - Low Kick > Leaps very quickly to a target and kicks their legs, impairing their movement and damaging them.

    - Chop > Leaps very quickly to an enemy and damages them while also throwing them.

    - Reigning Smash > Leaps into the air and punches under himself created waves of hard wind, damaging nearby enemies.

    - Berserk > Goes into a slate, where he feels nothing... Gaining immense speed, resistance, strength, and regeneration, but it kills his body at the same time while being withered.


    - Power Up > Has a chance to apply strength, regeneration, resistance, and speed.


    Name: Malorn (You can change the name) [Master of Body Manipulation]


    - Body Control > Has control over the targets' body, spurring out bones and blood, damaging the target.

    - Neutralize > Shoots a projectile and slows//blinds anyone that is hit with this beam.

    - Puppetry > Pulls and throws a target at the same time, while damaging them.

    - Impaired Arms > Renders the targets' arms useless, in which the target cannot hit, and cannot do any damage with melee attacking.


    - Neutralized Bodies > Has a chance to create an atmosphere where every enemy is not allowed to move freely.


    Discord - Efeskew#7610 (I got a new discord)

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Recent Reviews

  1. daisuke332
    Version: 1.011
    Not bad, the skills are nice but you'll definitely have to change a lot of thing before using one boss from this pack, some things like skins, health bar etc are missing so you'll have to put it yourself, the skills aren't balanced at all so you'll have to change that, some skills do 1 heart of damage when some literally one shot you.
    The pack is cool if you know how to make a boss but you don't want to waste your time doing 12 bosses, if you don't know how to avoid this, it's not plug and play. You also wont have any support as the owner doesn't respond on discord.
    1. Barney
      Author's Response
      May I know who you are on discord so I can help you please? I've been really busy with things IRL and I do admit that the support time has been shortened. I have tried my best to provide support for everyone that has contacted me though. I'm sorry if I didn't get to your support.