12 Masters Pack | Agrath - Master of Swordplay 1.0

Master of Swordplay, a fun addon mob for any RPG server.

  1. Barney
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
    • MythicMobsExtension
    Name: Agrath (You can change the name)

    Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | MythicmobsExtension | LibsDisguises

    Description: Agrath is the master of swordplay. He will give you quite a challenge to fight, he wields a sword so powerfully.

    - HP: 750 (You can change the health)
    - Damage: 8 (You can change this)
    - Weakness: Ranged
    - Movement Speed: 0.28 (You can change this)


    - Sweeping Slashes > Slashes the air horizontally and sends a wave of slashes to the target.

    - Dancing Blade > Slashes the air and sends waves of slashes to the target vertically and horizontally. If the attack lands, the target is slowed. After the attack Agrath will leap swiftly to the target.

    - Blades of Eternity > Sends out a storm of blades and damages any targets caught with blades, damaging them, then Agrath throws out many swords to the target.

    - Deep Cut > Cuts the target deep and makes them bleed.


    - Empowering Blades > Gains Strength


    - Iron sword

    - Senseable
    - Prevent other drops, item pickup and, random equipment
    - auto despawn: true
    - Cool particle effects to some skills that it has

    NOTE: Everything in this mob is customizable -- I am not a person to assist with ANY help on how to change everything, but on this website they can help you out a lot. MY ASSISTANCE will not be guaranteed to help you change all the damage, health, names, drops, etc.

    YOU can only pay through paypal

    This Mob should work 1.9-above (if not please contact me)

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