⬛ Ancient Mob Pack ⬛ THANKSGIVING SALE ⬛ 1.0

A mob pack that will bring beautiful aspects to RPG.

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  1. Barney
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
    • MythicMobsExtension
    Wicked Beast
    - Transformation | When killing a player, the wicked beast will transform into a more powerful form gaining resistance and strength.
    - Bloodlust | When killing a player, the wicked beast dashes to another target to eliminate with a radius of 100.
    - Feast | When killing a player, it will heal 50% of its HP.

    Cursed Tree
    - Root | Sends out waves of roots and on contact with an enemy, it will damage them whilst applying blindness and slowness.
    - Ripple | Digs deep into the ground and sends out waves of dirt all around the tree, on contact with an enemy, it wil ldamage and launch them.
    - Harvesting Drain | When below 50% HP, it will have a 5% chance to damage enemies over time while healing itself when damaged.

    - Snake Dive | Takes the form of an actual snake and dives at the enemy.
    - Shed Skin | Sheds skin and then hardens the skin, gaining defense. 10% chance to activate when damaged.
    - Venom | On attack, the serpent has a 25% of poisoning a target.

    - War Cry | Bangs his two axes together creating an unpleasent noise, damaging nearby enemies and ignoring their armor. This also gives the Orc regeneration, strength, and resistance.
    - Orc Leap | Leaps in the air and then comes down with all it's strength and weight, damaging any nearby enenmies when the orc comes down.

    Molten Knight
    - Molten War Aura | Creates a huge domain of heat and damages//burns every enemy in the presence of the knight.
    - Molten Armor | When attackes below 350 HP, the molten knight will equip special gear and gain defense.
    - Emblazing Life | When attacking, the molten knight has a 20% to heal himself and damage the enemy burning them.

    Mad Wolf (Werewolf)
    - Tranformation | When attacked below 80 HP, the wolf will transform into a Werewolf

    - Smell of blood | Passive that activates when he is spawned, gaining strength, haste, speed, and fire resistance
    - Crushing Claws | Sends out waves of slashing projectiles that makes enemies bleed IMMENSELY on hit.
    - Wolf Aura | Emmits out hot aura and damages nearby enemies, enhancing its own physical attributes while healing himself.

    Shadow Assassin
    - Poison Blade | Has a 20% chance of applying poison//nausea and extra ignor-armor damage when attacking.
    - Shadow Infusion | Becomes one with the shadow, leaving shadow marks and dashes swiftly to the enemy damaging.

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