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Hello everyone! I have several things to bring up today to the MythicMobs community in regards to the future. Please leave comments and feedback in this thread!

Recruiting Moderators / Testers / Forum Staff

I am currently looking for long-time community members that are interested in helping with forum moderation and bug testing. The vast majority of bugs reported on the forums are due to bad configs, or are things that are not even caused by MythicMobs, and this has caused a massive slowdown in public releases and in real bugs being fixed.

These days I do not have as much time to sift through the forums looking for real bugs, as I must try to test and replicate every bug on different versions of MC. When a bug report isn't accurate, this turns into a massive waste of time. Bug Testers will have the ability to mark threads in the Bug Report forum to help me out with sifting through them, and will have a special tag so people know they are knowledgeable.

People that can prove to me they are competent, or who are already well-known in the community as being good and helpful, can PM me if they are interested in helping out in this role. While I cannot offer much in compensation, people doing this will receive free dev builds and will also be added to a special MythicMobs Staff Discord chat where they can speak to me directly and help communicate bugs and also be part of the future of MythicMobs.

Status of 1.10

On top of all the bug issues, 1.10 has also been incredibly slow for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the incredible instability of 1.10 in general - it seems to be a very buggy update, and most large servers still run 1.9 with ViaVersion.

Many of the bugs people report with the 1.10 dev builds are actually caused by issues with other plugins, such as LibsDisguises, which do not work 100% on 1.10 still even after several months. This isn't even necessary their fault, but is caused by 1.10's instability.

Many of you have understandably expressed frustration with 1.10 builds not being released yet, but a big part of this is that I am not comfortable releasing something so unstable to the public as that will just further increase the massive torrent of invalid bug reports. Hopefully going forward we will be able to continue smoothing things out to where MythicMobs can have an acceptable 1.10 release.

MiniaturePets Support

On the plus side, support for MiniaturePets is mostly stable at this point, and details will be added to the manual soon. You can do some incredible things with the two plugins working together. Thanks to the MiniaturePets team!
MythicMobs v2.4.5 has been released! This bug fix update resolved several major issues with spawners, as well as several other minor bugs. Check the changelog for more info!

Get it here:
As of today we have enabled posting resources for several people in the community. We have some pretty high criteria right now including some that is automated, so don't be discouraged if you haven't gotten access yet! We will be relaxing the requirements relatively quickly depending on the kind of feedback we get.

Right now requirements include:
  • At least 100 posts on the forums
  • Account in good standing
  • At least 10 likes on posts
If you are trying to post a resource and encounter any problems, or have any questions, please let us know! And remember, all resources on the Marketplace are moderated and will not show up immediately.

Thanks everyone!
Hello everyone! We have just released MythicMobs v2.4.4. This release adds support for 1.9.4, and also fixes TONS of bugs! Please try it out and let us know how it's working for you! As usual this build has been tested extensively, but if we missed something, please submit a bug report!

Grab it here:

Dev builds are now handled through the forums instead of Patreon. This will allow people go gain access immediately by automating the entire process. All you have to do is go to the Dev Builds tab, click on the link to subscribe, and follow the process with your forum account.

People already subbed through Patreon can continue their subscription on there, but no new ones will be accepted. If you are already subbed on Patreon recently but need access please email

Thanks everyone!
We will soon be opening up the MythicMobs Exchange for beta testing. The Exchange is a new feature of the website that has long been requested, which will allow people to sell their creations in a safe and centralized location. The Exchange will only support paid mobs/skills/etc with a minimum of $1, and all Exchange submissions will be moderated for the protection of buyers and to ensure only quality items are put up. We will also have a system to verify mobs sold are fully functional on the version they are sold for.

Free configurations can still be shared in the appropriate forum.

All sales on the Exchange will have an 18% commission which will be deducted and sent to the MythicMobs team. This fee will help cover our hosting costs and the time spent moderating everything. The rest will be sent directly to your PayPal account as soon as somebody buys it.

The Exchange will initially only be open to a few select members of the community (including the dev team) while we make sure everything works, and if you're interested, feel free to send me a PM with some credentials.

Please let us know what you think! The Exchange will start opening up as soon as we're confident 2.4.X is fully stable and bug-free!
I have released MythicMobs v2.4.3. This addresses several critical bugs preventing MM from loading at all on certain server versions of 1.7 and 1.8.

You can grab it here:
MythicMobs v2.4.2 has been released to address numerous bug reports with v2.4 and v2.4.1. See the changelog for more information!

Get it here:
MythicMobs v2.4.1 has been released! This build provides a few tiny features and numerous bug fixes.

Grab it here:

As always report any bugs in the feedback forum. Enjoy!
I have done an extensive upgrade to MythicMob's forums including migrating to new forum software. All old user accounts should still work normally, and I don't anticipate anyone having any problems accessing dev builds after our migration.

Please let us know if you notice any problems or have any feedback, thanks!