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  1. Derric Henry
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  3. Kathy Morado
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  5. Rober Romez
  6. Tiffany York
  7. Stanle Burto
  8. jhsd Asond
  9. Ldii
    Ldii Xikage
    Hello, I bought mythicmobs premium but I can't download premium versions
  10. cocoya1
    cocoya1 Ashijin
    Hello I'm @黑喵 .my DC can not msg you so I use forum @@
    Clyde Bot say I'm not on the common server with you so I can not msg QQ
  11. dat1noob
    dat1noob Awesome_Dante
    hey i bought your dante pack, its freaking amazing. but im having a problem where the lightning bolts are showing as armor stands, and a ton of console chatter when it goes off.
    1. Awesome_Dante
      The console chatter is only avoidable by changing a gamerule, I forgot which one it was but it is a gamerule that can fix that. As for the armor stands, one of the Meta mobs I use might be accidentally set to invisible: false. Is it the red lightning? Check the Meta Mobs folder and set any armorstand mobs to invisible: true
      Sep 6, 2019
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  12. ViceroySyrup
  13. wvaszkhma
  14. Tapii
    Tapii Awesome_Dante
    Hiyo! Can i talk to you on discord? Megaan#9784
    1. Awesome_Dante
      Aug 16, 2019
  15. xHexical
    xHexical Awesome_Dante
    hey, I purchased your Character pack (4bucks), but I have not received it? If you could get it to me somehow that would be great! (its not showing up in purchased)
    1. Awesome_Dante
      Not sure if I already addressed this. If not please message me on discord Awesome_Dante#4918
      Aug 16, 2019
  16. Velinquish
    Velinquish Awesome_Dante
    Is it possible to make a MythicMobs wither stop shooting wither skulls and to remove its bossbar?
    1. Awesome_Dante
      Not sure about removing bossbars, if making it just a disguise doesn't work their may be something in MME, but off the top of my head I do not know about how to remove the bar.
      Aug 16, 2019
  17. Barney
    Barney Nexto
    Nexto is awesome
  18. IAmChipotle
    Eating Chipotle
  19. DUMPLING0724
  20. NevinGaming
    can i use this plugin for my 1.14.2 server?