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  1. SkyCloudia
    ''Once you go forth, you shall never come back.'' Who made that rule? It is possible to come back, but not stay the same like you were.
  2. Zomblad
    «❖» The darkness spoke to me of a power beyond any I could imagine, and I listened.
  3. ddddtsgsdgd
    ddddtsgsdgd xlsalvoxl

    Scarlett Pack There is something I want to ask you before I buy it.
    Scarlett-Pack-item (skill items) require a separate plug-in?
    1. xlsalvoxl
      Yes! They require MythicArtifacts, you can buy it from the resources page
      Apr 26, 2019
  4. Oathless
    Oathless Barney
    Hey there! Your discord is not working but I'd like to contact you about purchasing something.
  5. Thanakon
    Thanakon Buguser
    I can spawn everything except Orc. Please fix it.
    1. Buguser
      Are you using the MythicMobsExtension? Which MythicMobs and Minecraft version are you using?
      Apr 9, 2019
  6. Linh Le
  7. Brock Barnett
    Brock Barnett
    This is not the account you are looking for *waves*
  8. Barney
    My resource links are broken as of right now, if you want to purchase any please contact me on discord -> Efeskew#7610 please confirm w/ me.
  9. Lenitra
  10. Infro
  11. incubus5150
    incubus5150 Buguser
    Ok. so i deleted a msg to you but the problem is still there.. Orc's don't seem to want to spawn.. i have only found 1.. but i get an internal error msg when trying to get an Orc egg.. all other mobs work fine except orc's
    1. Buguser
      Hey, can you show me that error msg? And which Minecraft + MythicMobs version are you using? Also MythicMobsExtension + LibsDisguises is a dependency for the MobPack :). I will fix it asap when i have time again (working atm on final exam for school) ^^.
      Feb 22, 2019
  12. cvcocvc
    cvcocvc Barney
    After clicking the download address, you will be prompted:You’ve reached the download limit for this item
    Please reply to your order email if you need assistance or additional downloads.My email address is
    1. Barney
      The product download should've been sent to the email that you paid with, if not add me on discord for the download -> Efeskew#7610
      Feb 15, 2019
    2. cvcocvc
      I didn't download it at all! Click on the link in that email address and prompt that!
      Feb 16, 2019
  13. cvcocvc
    cvcocvc Barney
    I paid and did not receive the download address.
  14. Nexto
    I make stuff... sometimes...
  15. Buguser
    Working on an free nether-themed Artifacts-item pack with Custom Textures (16x16 & only for OptiFine)
    1. Nexto
      Sounds dope, may i help with the artifacts part? (i suck at voxels :p)
      Feb 3, 2019
      Buguser likes this.
    2. Buguser
      I haven't gotten around to working on it lately, but when I'm done you can test it and add your own ideas if you want. :D
      Apr 4, 2019
  16. Infro
  17. Whiterun_Sword
  18. FizzleTIts
    Purchasing MythicMobs for TPNET.GQ
  19. Barney
    If you have bought a resource from me, make sure to check the email you bought it with (paypal), download should be sent through that email.
  20. Buguser
    The free Dungeon-Mob Pack is now available!